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Gordon Abbo retired from the practice of psychiatry to pursue writing science fiction full time in 2008. In addition to his interest in the working of the human mind, he is fascinated with astronomy and the possibility of extraterrestrial life. His interest in science fiction began after reading Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Mars series and Jules Verne, followed by visits to a planetarium during childhood. He attended medical school and became a psychiatrist, but did a little writing on the side, mostly unpublished nonfiction. In 2004, Gordon got serious about writing and, inspired by Star Trek, began work on his first novel, A Meeting of Two Worlds. It is the first of a series. He also completed a screenplay based on the book. With his vivid imagination and interest in extraterrestrial life combined with a concern about the problems in today’s world, he is a science fiction author with a psychosocial perspective.



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