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Excerpts From A Meeting of Two Worlds


George watched intently, his heart pounding and knees shaking, as the creature slowly approached him without making a sound. He didn’t see any weapons in the alien’s hands, so maybe it didn’t intend to hurt him.

He froze like a deer in front of a car’s headlights at night as the being came to a stop five feet away, bracing for whatever would happen next.

“Greetings, Earthling,” the creature said in a gruff baritone voice.

George’s jaw dropped as he heard that. “You speak English!”

“Yes. We’ve studied your planet and your languages.”


“I’m Bax Dazzerfy, captain of this starship. I’m what you might call a Repton, and we’re from the second planet in the planetary system of a star you refer to as Tau Ceti, about twelve light-years away. And you are?”

George took a deep breath before responding. “George Abooli from Albuquerque, New Mexico.”

Bax extended his right arm and said, “I come in peace.” 

“We want to make contact with the humans when the time is right. That’s our mission.”

“Oh?” George said, raising his eyebrows.

“When we establish formal contact we hope to exchange information about our two civilizations. We once went through the same kind of social problems your world faces today. But we overcame them and created a peaceful society with no pollution and low rates of poverty, crime, and diseases. As the humans learn about this, we hope they’ll be inspired to do the same.”

“Look at all those stars,” the captain said. “Most of them have planets, but few, if any, are inhabited as far as we know. Not just a matter of having the proper conditions for intelligent life to exist. It’s also a question of once a civilization arises, how long will it last?”

“Important consideration,” George said, turning his head to face Bax. “Who knows how many civilizations out there self-destructed.”

“A cosmic natural selection takes place when civilizations develop highly-advanced technology, which can be good or bad, depending on how it’s used. Those who are benevolent survive. Those with hostile inclinations tend to destroy themselves.”

“And so,” George acknowledged, “a civilization that develops advanced technology and is capable of interstellar travel will most likely be peaceful.”

“Yes, and also respect the environment, one another and anyone else from other worlds.”

 Habibi gave a devilish smile. “The better to carry out my plans, my friend, especially for military buildup and future conquests.” Then he glared. “The Americans must pay for what they did to my son.”

“Certainly,” al-Bakr said. “And to help avenge your son’s death, our nuclear program is coming along nicely.”

“Right. I’m sharing the technology I receive from outside sources with Iran and Pakistan to help them expand their nuclear capability. With an alliance with Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, and with our combined nuclear arsenals, we will become unstoppable.”

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