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Excerpts From A New Beginning


“What do humans have to offer us? Well, my friend, first of all, studying other cultures, especially alien ones, enriches us, regardless of their level of technology. We strive toward increasing our knowledge about the universe and its inhabitants, and we find humans to be very complicated and challenging to understand. There is much about them we have yet to learn, so we’d benefit by interacting with them…”

“Good evening, fellow humans, and welcome to the planet, Tau Ceti 2. The 1,006 of you make up an elite group. You are all that remains of humanity, but it is you who will have the opportunity to rebuild human civilization and create a society better than the one that inhabited the Earth. You have great potential, and the Reptons and I will work with you to help you achieve that potential. Tonight represents the commencement of a new beginning for humanity…”

That evening, Charles met with all of the colonists, who were packed into a convention hall at the clubhouse, to give them an orientation and lay out some ground rules. A catered dinner was provided. After everyone had eaten, Charles stood up and addressed the group: “Good evening, everyone, and welcome. Finally, after waiting for weeks, we have a place we can call home, and we are a little community within a large alien community. But we will grow rapidly. Let me give you a quick rundown. As you can see, you have been provided with spacious homes designed to accommodate large families, which we’re encouraging in order to build up the human population…”

Two days later, the house computer announced that there was someone at the front door and Charles answered it. A tall, burly Repton dressed in a crimson outfit and hat stood in the doorway.

“Charles, I’m Detective Jarcoso Maxibalt. I have some important findings on the accident I need to discuss with you. May I come in?”

“Yes, by all means.”

The detective walked in and sat down with Charles. “As was mentioned in the initial report,” Maxibalt continued, “the malfunction in your wife’s car was highly unusual. Well, further investigation revealed something interesting.”


“We have evidence that the malfunction was not an accident. Somebody had tampered with the vehicle.”

“Welcome aboard, Charles. I’m Captain Hex Jara. Remember me?”

 “Yes, from a long time ago. Thank you.” “Good to see you, George.”

“Been a while. Congratulations on your promotion.”

“Thanks,” Hex responded while directing his guests toward the front. “Are you two ready to return to Earth?”

After making the jump through hyperspace and traveling through the Solar System, both vessels approached Earth and established orbits. They were accompanied by two starships. Charles stood on the bridge, watching the approach.

Navahd’s commander, Admiral Darina Fe Asanka came by and stood next to him. “Well, Charles,” she said, “here’s your new home, or should I say old home?”

“Thank you for bringing me, Admiral. I look forward to getting settled down there.”

“We’ll have a couple of starships in orbit at all times, monitoring the surface for signs of any impending natural disasters, and to monitor the weather. We’ll also scan for possible survivors who might emerge from underground shelters anywhere around the globe. Even if some should turn up, they won’t necessarily be friendly and could be hostile. Therefore, we need to stay on guard.”

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