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What would you say or do if I told you there is another planet with intelligent life in the universe? Every once in a while a story comes along that instantly triggers ferocious arguments. This is one of those stories...

“Nunzio Addabbo is my special friend since 1953. Besides saving my life and keeping in touch with me during the dangerous Capture Team years, he provided invaluable engineering, construction and communication services to my company, mostly pro bono. I obtained this story from Joseph Jacoby and provided Nunz with a CD and other materials for the book. He transcribed the material, wrote and published GLOBE in easy to understand language. Globe’s discovery has to be the crowning achievement since Earth’s beginning. This revelation will rock the foundations of the scientific community!”


— Anthony Berlotti, Retired 

“This is the incredible story of how one man’s quest to discover another planet with intelligent life is miraculously confirmed and the role he is playing to change life on Earth. GLOBE is eye-opening, exciting and will shock the world.”


— Haldon Brooks, Retired Intelligence

“I know Nunzio Addabbo. He’s not a science fiction wrier. Nunz writes true stories and this one is sure to ignite and promote total unification of Earth’s population. GLOBE is more than the proverbial page-turner—it’s the spellbinding story of intelligent life in the universe—older and more intelligent than Earthlings.”

—Victor Moran, Retired Engineer/Technical Writer

“I read Mr. Addabbo’s GLOBE manuscript twice before agreeing to write this testimonial. I had to be sure how others will react when they learn we are not alone in space. The reaction of my worldwide contacts was overwhelmingly euphoric. Readers will be shocked to learn there is another planet with intelligent life!”

— Enrique “Hank” Gonzalez, Electronic Engineer

“Mister Addabbo has written an easy to read account of Doctor Jacoby’s discovery of GLOBE, why Jacoby was selected to change world events and how he does it with remarkable candor and emotion. Jacoby deserves the Nobel Prize for his discovery. GLOBE is a triumph. Marvelous.”

— George Berlotti, Attorney, International Law

“Globe’s discovery is an Earth shattering bombshell. The book is illuminating, nail biting, intriguing, page turning, totally believable, written mostly in easy to read dialog and gets five stars for introducing Earth to Globe, its sister planet. It is sure to go down in history as Earth’s most significant discovery.”

— Amelia Rojas, M.D.

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Nunzio Addabo

February 15, 2002 - February 15, 2004