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Ham Radio Heroes



by Nunzio Addabbo, W4VYD

“It has always been my belief that ham radio is first and foremost a people hobby. We are people using technology to make contact with other people, whether they're in the next town, the next state, or the other side of the world. Ham Radio Heroes looks at some of those people and how amateur radio has helped lead them to some extraordinary achievements. Their stories are retold here with Nunz's personal touch added. You'll find yourself not wanting to put down the book until the story you're reading is finished...and then you'll want to read the next story.”

— Rich Moseson, W2VU

    Editor, CQ magazine

“The 58 year wait was worth it. These are stories that will inspire hams who practice and love the world's best hobby. The author is no stranger to excitement himself. His life story is amazing. For the non-hams these stories may move you to find out more about Amateur Radio and perhaps join our ranks.” 

— Joe Thompson, W3SRU

    Director, Radio Society of Tucson


“Many people think of Amateur Radio as merely a hobby, but this book tells the compelling story of hams as genuine heroes in service to humanity.”

— Steve Ford, WB8IMY

    QST Editor

 “Addabbo's book makes it clear that inside every ham lives a hero—waiting for the right moment to emerge.”

 — Chuck Penson, WA7ZZE

     Archivist, Titan Missile Museum

“A great part of the lure of Amateur Radio is the lore. And, Nunzio Addabbo, W4VYD has done a fine job of reporting.”

 — Armond Noble, W6WR

     Publisher, WorldRadio


“Mr. Addabbo is not only a gifted writer but also a Ham Hero. He saved my father's life and his expertise in radio communications was invaluable in resolving the JFK assassination conspiracy. This is a page-turner with many unforgettable Ham Radio stories!”

— George Berlotti, Attorney

    international Law

“Absolutely fascinating book about Amateur Radio Heroes. A terrific read.” 

— Tom Fagan, K7DF

    ARRL Section Manager- Arizona

“If by chance you are seeking an author with inspiration and aptitude, HAM RADIO HEROES is a must to read.”

 — James Santelli, KA2YEY

     Retired International Construction Manager

“Nunz is a ham's Ham! He still builds his own antennas and other equipment and was one of the first in Tucson to adopt the new digital D-Star technology. He is one of the most active members of the Radio Society of Tucson (RST) and rarely misses a meeting or event. I have always found Nunz to be extremely knowledgeable, thoughtful and one who pays great attention to detail. I absolutely recommend this book. It was well thought out, researched and comes from a man who personifies Ham Radio and is a credit to the hobby. Once you pick up this book, I guarantee you will not let it out of your sight.” 

— Randy Malick, KF0X

    President, Radio Society of Tucson

    ARRL Public Information Officer

    Secretary, ARCA

 $7.00 Electronic Edition

 $19.95 Trade Paperback Edition


Ham Radio Heroes


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Nunzio Addabo

February 15, 2002 - February 15, 2004