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Target JFK



The long kept secret of the monumental conspiracy and assassination of President Kennedy is finally being revealed by Nunzio and Elizabeth Addabbo in their exposè, TARGET *JFK*.

Many books have been written regarding JFK’s assassination. Many people with some pieces of the complex puzzle advanced their theories in spite of stiff opposition from the Warren Commission, FBI, CIA. and others.  TARGET *JFK* is NOT THEORY. It provides the missing pieces of the puzzle and closure to the conspiracy.

"Finally, we have answers to that haunting question

'Who really shot JFK?' I couldn't put it down!"

— Jane Frenzel, Account Executive, International

Insurance firm.


"In TARGET*JFK*, Nunzio and Elizabeth Addabbo have provided intrigue, drama and, finally, the truth."

— Frank Palombo, Chief of Police.


"While weaving together one man’s personal quest for righteous retribution, the Addabbos unravel the sinister scheme behind America’s greatest mystery."

— Wes Goforth, WCTI-TV, News Anchor


"I witnessed the La Nueva Esperanza Ambush and examined four dead assassins. Read it!"

Amelia Rojas, M.D.


"I was immediately hooked by the Prologue and wasn’t disappointed. A must for history students."

— Muriel Gade, Ret. Teacher and Counselor



— John Ayers, M.D.


 $7.00 Electronic Edition

 $19.95 Trade Paperback Edition


Target *JFK*


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Nunzio Addabo

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