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David E. Gumpert

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Better Than MONEY

Paperback - $18.95

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With stock options, your decision to take one job over another can mean the difference between hundreds of thousands, or millions of dollars in just a few years. Learn everything you need to identify the most promising opportunities and make the right decision, from entrepreneur and best-selling author David E. Gumpert. Better Than Money puts you in the driver's seat to spot winning situations, avoid losers, and negotiate the best stock option package for you.

Praise for Better Than Money

“I strongly advise anyone looking for a first job or thinking of changing
jobs to read this book before accepting any position that could include
stock options.”

Julian Lange
Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship
Babson College, Wellesley, MA

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“Now employees can negotiate about options on a level playing field with

Joe Caruso
President, Bantam Group, Westwood, MA
Advisor to entrepreneurs and CEOs of entrepreneurial companies

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“I'm going to recommend Better Than Money to my clients who face
decisions about negotiating stock incenting packages.”

Attorney Gabor Garai
Partner, Epstein Becker & Green, Boston, MA
Specialist in advising executives and entrepreneurs on company valuation and
compensation matters.

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