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In this section you meet the authors of Third Millennium Publishing.  These are the farseeing individuals who have decided to try a new approach to publishing.  Once you have read their biographies, why not check out their individual sections of the Third Millennium Publishing website?  We think you will be impressed with what you will find.

Books by these authors are available in the following formats: 

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Gordon E. Abbo                Science Fiction

Gordon Abbo retired from the practice of psychiatry to pursue writing science fiction full time in 2008. In addition to his interest in the working of the human mind, he is fascinated with astronomy and the possibility of extraterrestrial life. His interest in science fiction began after reading Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Mars series and Jules Verne, followed by visits to a planetarium during childhood. He attended medical school and became a psychiatrist, but did a little writing on the side, mostly unpublished nonfiction. In 2004, Gordon got serious about writing and, inspired by Star Trek, began work on his first novel, A Meeting of Two Worlds. It is the first of a series. He also completed a screenplay based on the book. With his vivid imagination and interest in extraterrestrial life combined with a concern about the problems in today’s world, he is a science fiction author with a psychosocial perspective.

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Nunzio and Elizabeth Addabbo                True Crimes

Nunzio Addabbo
Nunzio Addabbo is the TARGET*JFK* Capture Team "insider" with the secrets and survivor of an attempt on his life by a member of the Hit-Team who assassinated President Kennedy. He is a retired international engineering/construction management consultant on some of the largest worldwide projects. Addabbo speaks English, Spanish, Italian and some Farsi. He is an experienced technical writer, holds a U.S. pilot’s navigation patent, commendations from the National Academy of Sciences and Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory and a instrument rated commercial pilot with licenses in the U.S., Canada, Chile and Iran. Addabbo, a licensed amateur radio operator, has been approved for entry into the 2002 Who’s Who in America and is a member of MOAA, The Military Officers Association of America and AFIO, the Association of Former Intelligence Officers.
Elizabeth Addabbo
Elizabeth Addabbo is a well-traveled free-lance writer, photographer and lecturer. Her weekly column, AT YOUR REQUEST, tying food preparation to history and culture, was one of the most popular ever published on the California Central Coast. Her various travel articles were enthusiastically received. She has been District, Regional and National Director of Member Services for two major real estate franchises and the owner/teacher of her own real estate licensing school. Elizabeth has served as an Ambassador for an important California HMO and has been a promotional artist for several major cosmetics companies. In addition to co-authoring TARGET*JFK* , she is completing an important historical novel, THE LIBERATION OF VIVIENNE and co-authoring THE EPONYMOUS COOKBOOK with Allan Amenta.
TARGET*JFK* has been registered with the Writer’s Guild of America west. Elizabeth and Nunzio have been interviewed several times on television and radio and reviews of TARGET*JFK* have appeared in several local publications.

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Zaki Aizaz               Poetry

Zaki Aizaz was born on January 24, 1993 from the Love of his Lucknow mother and Meerut father. Around age two, he began to pray for a little sister, who was born on July 18, 1996. He grew up in Ahwatukee, Arizona, experiencing a relatively unique childhood. In high school, he competed successfully in debate earning titles such as State Champion, and 1st Speaker at the prestigious national Tournament of Champions. He attends Evergreen State College, located in the woods of Olympia, Washington, where he is studying Chinese culture, arts, and poetics as well as Mandarin Chinese. He presently speaks English, Urdu, and some Spanish, and hopes to explore and experience as much of the world as possible.

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Yomi Akinnola                Religion

YOMI AKINNOLA is a vessel called into the Lord’s ministry many years ago. Over the years his teaching ministry has taken him to various church organizations where he organized training seminars for Christians. Building Christians including workers and ministers through corporate church teachings, seminars and conferences remain his primary focus.
He is the Pastor of Christ Apostolic Church, City of David, Lanham in the state of Maryland. This church has no walls of demarcation with other households of faith and it’s a church that is positioned for the 21st century man.
This is his fifth publication. His works include: Nigerian banks: guidelines to bank borrowings (1987); Mortgage Financing (1993); A Century of banking in Nigeria (1994); Let us Worship (1999).
Happily married to Adejoke and blessed with three daughters

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Geoffrey Alexander                Poetry

Geoffrey Alexander was born on September 20, 1982 in Austin, Texas. Geoffrey lives in deep South Texas and is currently attending the University of Texas in Brownsville. He has been published both online and in print. His interests include writing, history, science fiction, boxing, music, and painting.

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Ana O               Contemporary

Ana O’s book publishing career began with Prentice-Hall when she was a graduate student and instructor at UNO: The Art of Dreaming and The I Ching Workbook launched her book-writing career in 1979 and 1980, then Harlequin Romance published 41 of her love stories over a period of seven years, each under a different nom de plume. Her dormant interest and talents for the world of movies burst forth much later.
O is lauded as the world’s leading living authority on the author Ouida (1839-1908).  O’s one wish is to see Ouida’s works reissued in the 21st century.

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Richard Ashton             Agriculture/Horticulture

Richard has been testing Central Asian and other pomegranates at his Oak Creek Orchard in Texas. He is Chairman of the Pomegranate Group of the North American Fruit Explorers.

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Folakemi Ayodele            Inspirational

Folakemi Ayodele was born in Nigeria in Western Africa. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Zoology, a Master’s Degree in Managerial Psychology, and is a part-qualified Accountant in the United Kingdom.  She relocated to the United States from London in 2007.  She owns a private tutoring business for students (K-12) in mathematics, science and English.  She also works with seniors and the less privileged .
She has worked as a Research Assistant at the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (IITA) for two years and Equatorial Trust Bank, both in Ibadan, Nigeria with an eight-year career in retail banking and four years with London Underground Ltd., London, UK. She has written a number of short plays, drama sketches, as well as published newsletters for youths in  Ibadan, Nigeria. Other publications include student accountant magazines in the United Kingdom in 2003 and 2004. One of her poems, “Who Says There’s No God?” was published in the Spring 2006 Catalogue of the International Library of Poetry, Owings Mills, Maryland. She loves meeting people, dancing, swimming, and travelling. She is presently working on “Nuggets for Ladies” Part 2.

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Lisa Ann Bargeman               Spirituality

Lisa Ann Bargeman graduated from Ramapo College of New Jersey in 1996 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Literature. She currently works for a scientific publisher and continues to write about World Religion. Ms.Bargeman, who also has a son, Jaye, currently pursues Egyptology and other interests as a consultant.

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Frank Bataillon               Mystery

Frank Bataillon and his wife Jean, have seven children, nineteen grandchildren and two great grand children. He was a U. S. Border Patrol inspector, transferred to the U. S. Postal Service, where he advanced to Postmaster, to Safety manager. He was a captain of a Rescue Squad, an outdoorsman making numerous canoe trips into the Canadian wilderness and white water rafting on the River of no return in Idaho. He was a Scoutmaster and a Combat Master of a pistol league.

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Richard Brookes and Jitka Saniova          Historical Romance

Richard Brookes

Richard has long been fascinated with the exotic, from ancient mysteries to present day developments in rocket science and space exploration.  His abiding interest in ancient cultures provided the impetus for his extensive research of Sumerian culture for "Seven Dreams of Inanna."
Born in the midwest, he grew up with a keen appreciaton for the powerful machinery of steam locomotives and racing automobiles. Pursuing his diverse interests, he majored in chemistry in college, then won accolades in architectural and auto racing photography, and eventualy found a niche as an insurance claims executive for property losses from fine arts to satellite systems in the space industry.
Now retired, he is finally developing a talent for writing that was evident from his earliest years, but was for many years relegated to a back burner. "Seven Dreams" is his first novel, written with his Czech writing partner, Jitka, through cyberspace collaboration. She lives in Bohemia and he lives in Sonoma County, California.
 Jitka Saniova


Jitka was born in Pardubice, East Bohemia, 33 years ago. At the age of 24, she had her first book published (girl's romance), then followed up with collaborations with many magazines: Ty&Ja, Koktejl, Astro, Zena a Zivot, Vlasta.
In the last several years, she has published 10 books (mostly romance) and began to write in English. One of her short stories, "The fight", was published by RomanticBower last year.  Her greatest pleasure is writing fantasy.  In the past year, she has sent several stories to The Magazine of Science Fiction & Fantasy and several other famous US magazines.  So far she has gotten good criticism, admiration and encouragement.  Currently she is working to improve her English, and writes nearly every day.
She likes the seaside, reading, animals (dogs, wolves and dolphins are her favorites), travel, cinema and music, dreaming, sleeping (a typical Pisces!), and of course, writing!  That is her favorite hobby, and luckily became her profession.

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E. Douglas Brown                Fantasy

E. Douglas Brown was born on the east coast of Canada on an island called Newfoundland. He has lived in Europe for four years and while over there, he had the opportunity to be a mountaineering guide for three months.
He moved back to Canada and eventually migrated back to Newfoundland to attend university, majoring in psychology and with a minor in sociology.  He took on many jobs to support himself through university; landscaping, taxi driver, a pizza delivery person and he was even a male stripper for a year. After graduating, he took a job working in group homes with boys and girls. He has worked in the oil fields of Alberta Canada, and eventually he ended up moving to B.C., Canada, where he presently resides.
He has always wanted to write, but felt he didn’t have the ability to succeed at it. However, he always kept his creativity flowing. He used to write comedy skits for himself and friends to perform in front of an audience. He writes poetry, with three published poems at this time, and he is also writing a play himself. He is currently finishing up another book and working on two more.
He lives in a small town of B.C., Canada, called Sicamous, with his preteen son. He is a single dad who sometimes finds it hard to find the time to write; considering he has work, cook, help his son with school work and other chores to do. But as long as he can write something, then he is happy.

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R. D. Cain               Spirituality / Health - Diet

R. D. CAIN was born in Cuyoga County Ohio in 1953.  At age six, his family moved to New York City.  He has traveled extensively and lived all over North America and Europe  He currently calls Palm Springs, California and New York City his two homes. As the founding elder of the Lighthouse Ministeries, he has performed several weddings and conducted innumerable seminars on Life Coaching and Spiritual Consulting.  His online training program make it easy for him to train clients all over the world while managing his hands-on work with celebrity clients. Visit his website for updates at and a chance to train with him online!

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F. S. Choo              Chinese Culture / History

F. S. Choo is a retired UK-trained Barrister-at-law, born in Sarawak, Malaysia. He was a legal practitioner in Brunei from 1974 to 1987. He migrated to Perth, Western Australia in the middle of 1987 together with his wife and three daughters where they have remained since then. He never took up legal practice again, having lost the passion for it in Brunei. He then involved himself in a few small business ventures in Perth and Malaysia for a while as well as helping his wife in her homeopathic and kinesiology practice. He considers "Children of the Monkey God" to be a labor of love and is fiercely passionate in his desire to share this family story with the rest of the world.

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Lyle Courtsal                Public Policy

Lyle Courtsal is a disabled author/activist who has worked variously as a school bus driver, tree planter, truck driver, and shipyard laborer.  He has also attended three colleges, but prefers studying on his own.  During the past several years, he has developed a street outreach method for getting intensively self-poisoned, dually-diagnosed addict/alcoholics off the streets and into truly helpful hands while maintaining constitutional standards of non-discrimination and privacy.  His technique has an 80 percent success rate.
Lyle likes really big, old, live trees; Frisbees; sailing; mid-70s long nose Kenworths going really fast; hardcore rock; true decency; generosity of spirit; and freedom.  He presently more-or-less exists in Seattle, Washington.  He goes to church at least once a month whether he needs it or not.  He also has a website at  Check it out.  Enjoy!

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Anthony Dalton                Sea Stories

Anthony Dalton is a Canadian author with hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles, many on boating related subjects, to his credit. A keen sailor, he and his wife, Penny, enjoy cruising British Columbia’s coastal waters in their 33’ sloop, Retreat, with their Dalmatian, Mr. Parker.
A long time fan of the late Tristan Jones, Anthony Dalton is currently writing a biography,Wayward Sailor: A Search For The Real Tristan Jones.

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Steven Dong                            Science Fiction

Steven Dong’s history as a writer stretches nearly thirty-five years back in time from recent fanfic serials for the newsgroup and instructional HTML manuals, all the way back to an illustrated short work from preschool in which a neighborhood bully was devoured by a tyrannosaurus rex. Other crimes to which he is willing to admit at this time include a pair of musical Star Trek parodies, and holding the world’s record for “Greatest Quantity of Original Dungeons-and-Dragons-Based Material Created by an Author Not Still Living With His Parents.”
He is a recovering comic book collector and graduate of UC Santa Cruz. He lives in Southern California with his wife and two young daughters. In his spare time, he sporadically maintains the Tales of the Boojum Web site (, where you can read more of his work and even more of this exciting bio.

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James Dowling                   Political Intrigue

James Dowling was born in New Jersey and graduated with a degree in business.  While serving with the armed forces, he stepped into the world of make-believe by writing a play for television.  After leaving the military, he worked as an accountant for an electronics company for several years before entering a world of adventure and intrigue.
James has written for two television series, as well as magazines and newspapers, and has ghost-written a book.  His labor of love came to be a series of children's books he has written on animal extinction.  James Dowling maintains that we adults have failed in our attempt to protect the animal kingdom, so perhaps the time has come to turn this serious problem over to the youth of the world, who in their wisdom, may be able to answer the question, "What has happened to all the animals?"
Divorced and now living in Clearwater, Florida, James has turned to fiction with a twinge of reality.  Tainted Image is the first in a series of six books he has on the drawing board with a focus on political intrigue.

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