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In this section you meet the authors of Third Millennium Publishing.  These are the farseeing individuals who have decided to try a new approach to publishing.  Once you have read their biographies, why not check out their individual sections of the Third Millennium Publishing website?  We think you will be impressed with what you will find.

Books by these authors are available in the following formats: 

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Bob Nadel                Science Fiction

Bob Nadel was born in Bronx, NY, the son of a Hungarian immigrant father who was a master tool & die maker who helped give birth to the modern automobile.  Bob followed his father into the tool-and-die trade.  He educated himself by taking night courses as CCNY, NYU, Brown University, and Rappahannak College in Virginia.  Among his many professional accomplishments, he made the first prototype zoom lens, worked on early radar plumbing for the US Air Force, and  manufactured umbilical cord junction boxes for the National Aerodynamics and Space Administration.  He also patented a variety of high speed metal component production and assembly methods.
Recently, he went into research and development.  His latest invention, intended to assist doctors during cataract surgery, is an automatic lens furler and injector.  It injects a sterile lens into the eye through an incision so tiny that not one stitch is required to close it.  Bob comes by his inventiveness naturally.  He had the honor of exchanging letters with Albert Einstein shortly before his death.  The subject of the correspondence was an alternative to a rocket propulsion system that uses gyroscopic precession.  It would be, in effect, a working flying saucer, and was sufficiently complicated that Bob has yet to build  a prototype.  However, he is thinking about it ...

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Nelani Nettrour                      Fantasy  

About Nelani:
Nelani lives in Northern Wisconsin with her husband Barry and their children, Joshua, Jasmine, Samuel, Heather and Autumn.  Krammer is their feisty Boston Terrier.  The family enjoys the great outdoors and the multitude of activities it affords.  Among some of their favorite activities are:  Stargazing, Biking, Hiking, Swimming and Gardening.  The members of the family continue to contribute their artist talents to complement Nelani’s writing.
Nelani is the 4th child of nine, the first girl.  Her five brothers are Kirk, Devan, Keith, Patrick and Marc.  Her three sisters are Moana, Simone and Karen.  Their mother Diane encouraged her children to believe in their gifts and furnished the tools necessary to go after their dreams.
Calastapeas’ Gathering is the 3rd in the Tales of Lamac Series, the 4th of Nelani’s children’s books, Cow’s Milk being the 1st.  She also writes for the adult population in the Soaring Free Trilogy and Steps.  Nelani has expanded the ways you can enjoy her works by adding audio CDs and Video CD storybooks of her children’s books and Steps poetry.  With the help of her woodworking husband, they turned many of the poems in Steps to framed Canvas Prints.  The poetry is printed superimposed on background pictures Nelani has taken of the North Woods area.

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Eray Oge, M.D.                    Science Fiction 

Eray Oge is a retired physician who now has the luxury of directing his attention to his lifelong ambition ‘writing’.  He has endless time on his hands and a wealth of resources to pull from. After all, he has spent his lifetime understanding ‘Man’ in body and soul. He chooses his subjects from medical undertakings that have fallen through the cracks. The average person is not aware of their importance in our lives. He tries to bring them to the limelight, wrapped in an entertaining story line. Most of his works are based on medical research and hypotheses.  Some are controversial, even politically incorrect.

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I. Jean Pastula                   Contemporary

Jean is a retired adjunct faculty college teacher and County Facilitator of a project for the Governor of Maryland.  Jean now lives quietly in her new home near Melbourne, Florida.
Away from the turmoil over possession of their valued land in Odenton, Maryland, she now works with local writer's groups, teaches a painting class at the Center for the Arts, and occasionally visits sons and grand children, all of which lead to a very full life.
She is currently working on two new novels.  Having traveled beyond our borders to Great Britain and Continental Europe, and having lived there for many years, she relates her many adventures in the metaphoric style she favors.  Next up will be the traumatic years in Augsburg, Germany.

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Marion G. Otto                 Western Fiction

After graduating from Edmond High School in 1941, Marion G. Otto went into the Navy for  four years.  After the Navy, he went to college at Oklahoma A & M and the University of New Mexico, where he graduated in 1949 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.  He began working for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Albuquerque, New Mexico, before being transferred to Tripoli, Libya.   One job led to another and he worked for Aramco Oil in Saudi Arabia, before returning to Tripoli with the Oasis Oil Company.  His next job was with Bechtel Corporation in San Francisco and Europe.  He returned to Arabia, where he retired in 1981, and began sailing the Caribbean for six years.  He then went to Guatemala, where he learned to paint and write.  While in Guatemala, he completed sixty-five oil paintings and twenty-four novels.  He returned to Los Angeles in December, 1999, where he has access to a fine library and is closer to the publishing market. 

George Phillies       Science Fiction / Political Philosophy

George Phillies is Professor of Physics and Associated Biochemistry Faculty at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute (, where he spends his time teaching undergraduates and plumbing the unsolved mysteries of complex fluid dynamics. In his spare time, he writes science fiction, collects board war games ('largest collection in North America'), and contributes to his community through the Libertarian Party (, the Strategy Gaming Society (, and the American Civil Liberties Union.

Phillies spent his undergraduate and graduate days at MIT (1964-1975), where he was Librarian of the MIT Science Fiction Society.  Before moving to WPI, he worked at the UCLA and University of Michigan Chemistry Departments.  Phillies now lives in Worcester with his game collection.
"This Shining Sea" is his first published science fiction novel.  "This Shining Sea" asks 'what is the price of power?' What does power avail you if you don't know where you are, don't know who is friend or foe, don't know who are your real opponents?  'Stand Up for Liberty!' is a book on political *strategy*.  It's not about *philosophy* --- 'what we should do if we win elections'.  It's not a book on *tactics* --- 'how to press the flesh and win your election'.  It's about *strategy* -- 'how to change the Libertarian Party into a party that wins election after election, year after year after year'.


George Pinneo       Science Fiction

George Pinneo, an army-brat, lived in 4 states and 8 different locations during WW II and immediately after, before entering 4th grade. He grew up in Ohio, graduating from Case Institute of Technology with a BSChE in 1959.  The 47 years of his technical experience focused on microelectronic materials and process engineering including a successful semiconductor manufacturing start-up in Hollywood FL.  This author of several technical papers and holder of 7 patents, loves to hear the phrase: "you can't do that!" 
 Family vacations have taken the Pinneos from Alaska through Canada, Hawaii, into Mexico and the Caribbean, with 3 sojourns to Western Europe, enlivening their summers; they've visited 6 Canadian provinces, 11 Mexican estados and 49 of the 50 states.  He has no intention of visiting North Dakota!  They live up on Arizona's Mogollon Rim near the White Mountains.
 At the age of 55 he earned a private pilot's license and then built an all-metal, 2-seat experimental homebuilt airplane, which he enjoys 'refining'.  A memorable flight took him from Corona CA to Oshkosh WI: 1,700 miles each way, to visit the annual EAA fly-in.  Other hobbies include sailing, canoeing, snorkeling, and hiking.

Arthur Rhodes       Alternate History - World War II

Arthur Rhodes, a former bond syndication manager and thirty year senior executive in Wall Street, continues his life-long interest in military history with a series of books about World War II and the Cold War. Not content to mirror history, he tries to keep alive the warriors of the greatest generation. We have fictional heroes with real battlefields, Guadalcanal, Midway, Lexington and modern jets with World War II weapons. It is a blend of nostalgia and what-if history.

Currently, Arthur Rhodes is working on a book that produces a plausible scenario that the Germans could have invaded England in 1917.

Les Rogers       Spirituality

Les Rogers was born and raised in a rural farming community in southern Arizona, attended the University of Tulsa in Oklahoma, majored in broadcasting and has worked in that industry since 1978. In addition to being an independent writer, producer and director, he has also served as Director of Photography for many syndicated television programs, including several popular paranormal programs such as Sightings and Encounters. He additionally works as a photojournalist for major news and sports networks throughout the world. His other diverse pursuits include public speaking, performing as voice talent for TV and radio productions and stand-up comedy.
Les now adds “author” to his repertoire. After surviving the third rollover accident of his life, he was inspired to write about a number of extraordinary experiences in his modern day “Wild West” adventure, Rollovers, Rattlesnakes & UFOs. His spiritual take on life’s occurrences give deeper meaning to our existence than what meets the physical eye. These stories have helped him help others when they have needed it most. 
In Les’s own words, “I live life to its fullest and am now inspired to help others see the fullness of their lives.”
He lives with his loving soul-partner and wife, Allyson, in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Jon Rominek                     Science Fiction

Jon Rominek spent 35 years working in the Aerospace industry.  Retiring in 1997 from the Phoenix area, Jon moved to the Central Coast of California with his wife Nancy and began building a self-designed/self-built home in the city of Morro Bay.  Completion of the Morro Bay home took 19 months and was a fulfillment of a dream.  With the home project complete, there was time for new creative juices to begin flowing.  The result is Heavens: Prometheus Unleashed.   

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George Saqqal                     Historical Romance

George Saqqal is a native New Yorker who is a retired management consultant and executive recruiter. He has had a long romance with the history of ancient Rome, both civil and military. His interest was piqued in high school where the curriculum included a mandatory four year course in Latin and Roman history. 
He has contributed  many articles to military history journals and is a member of the Society of Ancient Military Historians and the Society For Military History.  In his spare time, he is an avid reader of biography and naval history and has published two long articles on the philatelic history of the US Navy's Yangtze Patrol and the history making Great White Fleet.

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Mark Siegel                        True Crime

From the early 1970s to the mid-eighties, Mark Siegel was an English Professor, mostly at Arizona State University and the University of Wyoming.  He published half-a-dozen books and a hundred articles on literature, film, and popular culture.  In the mid-eighties, he helped elect and then impeach a governor.  He has been a lawyer in Phoenix, Arizona, since 1991.  He lives with his wife Carole and their offspring, Mandy and Max.  He continues to write on various topics.  Rocky Point is Mark Siegel's personal account of the infamous Willoughby Murder Case that rocked the Southwest in 1991.

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Anthony Glyn Snelling                       Poetry

Anthony Glyn Snelling was born and lived the first six years of his life on The Lake of the Ozarks, near Eldon, Missouri.  He learned most of the essential lessons of life from his paternal grandmother, a Blackfoot  Indian.
Anthony has been writing most of his life, and is an accomplished poet whose work has been published in various books, newspapers and periodicals.
He has learned a great deal in a long and productive life.  That wisdom is reflected in his poetry.

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Paul L. Spice                      Ancient Mysteries

Dr. Paul Spice is a “baby-boomer”, born in Kent, England, just after World War II. He moved to Buckinghamshire, England in 1958, where he attended school. His academic passions have always been history and cooking, but he was successfully persuaded to take up a career in Oil & Gas Engineering by his father, who advised him correctly that there were thousands of penniless authors and underpaid chefs in the world.
His engineering work took him to Iran in 1976, but he was evicted during the Khomeini  Revolution. He then moved to Saudi Arabia, staying in the Gulf region, on and off, for over 25 years. In between, he has lived in the Orkney Islands, Borneo, Germany, Singapore, Egypt, Jordan, and most of the Arabian Gulf States.
He has a small home in Llansadwrn, Wales, UK., and a main home in West Java, Indonesia. Currently he lives and works (yes; in oil & gas engineering) in an Arabian Gulf state with his wife Nur and son Albert.
His previous books include “Jubilee”, an account of Queen Victoria’s 50th year on the throne, and “The Hitler Pact”, a revealing story starting with Hitler’s visit to England in 1911. He is presently working on a different cookery book with Nur. Paul is a Sufi, and his other passions include food, wine, blades, and fast cars.

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Dr. Stephen Taylor              Health / Diet

Dr. Stephen Taylor, AS, BS, MT, DC:  Dr. Steve completed his Bachelor of Sciences in Physiology and his Doctor of Chiropractic at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa March 1977. While in Davenport he completed further studies in Massage Therapy and Nutrition and combined all of these disciplines while in practice from 1977 to 2002. He continues to study news about new nutritional products. Other interests include architecture, sailing yacht design, literature, general sciences, philosophy, theology, and writing. His life -philosophy states: "We are important to the degree that we serve and help others." And he says, “The purpose of life is to learn to love, help others, and have fun doing it.”  He makes his home near Olympia, Washington.

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Abram Teplitskiy              Inventing

Dr. Abram Teplitskiy was born in Kursk, Russian Federation in 1946. He is a graduate of the prestigious Kharkov State University in the Ukraine where he double-majored in Applied Physics and Environmental and Materials Testing. After graduation, Abram worked in various scientific organizations. During his tenure, he conducted his own original research, and as a result, made over 100 inventions and solved problems in a diverse range of fields: from measuring the density of soils on the Moon and on the bottom of the ocean using nuclear methods, formulating technology to lay pipeline without the presence of people in the trench, to modeling nuclear processes using soap bubbles, and even … designing combs for eyelashes. The findings of his research were published in more than 80 articles in international and national journals and reported at international and national conferences throughout the USA and Europe. Following this extensive research and inventing experience, Abram Teplitskiy earned a Ph.D. in Applied Physics.
After relocating to the United States with his family, Dr. Teplitskiy gained additional experience working with high school students. He taught Creativity Classes in a local recreation center, participated as a coach in the International Educational Internet Contest with a website “Become an Inventor,” consulted for corporate and individual inventors, and wrote articles about inventing for local newspapers. Finally, he resumed his activities in his previous field and made more inventions himself, taught students to solve problems, and subsequently began writing books in English as well as bilingual ones. This text is his first in English, and in the near future, Dr. Teplitskiy hopes to publish additional books for students.

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Howard R. TIppin              Science Fiction

Howard R. Tippin was born and raised in California’s central valley.  He was a restaurant manager, recently retired from a Fortune 500 restaurant group.  His interests include archeology, primarily the study of the first Americans; as well as American history, concentrating on the framers of the Declaration of Independence, the American Revolution, the emergence of the United States Navy in the War of 1812, and the United States Navy in the Pacific Theater during the Second World War.  He is also interested in the causes of the First World War as well as its lasting effects on the current geo-political situation of the world.  His hobbies include building and painting 1/72nd scale fighter aircraft from between the world wars as well as painting and collecting Warhammer figures, high elves and Empire, as well as Warhammer 40K figures, Eldar, Tau, and Space Marines from his own Blue Angels Chapter.  Howard is certain of the fact that no matter how many novels he writes he will never be the most recognized graduate from his high school, having graduated from the same school as George Lucas, albeit eighteen years later.

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Tommy              Poetry / True Crime

“Tommy” is a convict serving a life sentence for his role, along with twelve others, in a double homicide in 1975.  For the past thirty years he has lived in many prison cells throughout California. He is the sole remaining defendant still incarcerated.
Seven years into his sentence, he began to question his very existence.  It was then that he began to notice the youth of his fellow prisoners and wonder at the fate of a society where so many of its young people end up behind bars.
This book is a testament of redemption, a cry to all in the hope that they, too, will choose the path that leads to the Judgment Seat of Christ.  It is Tommy’s belief that this is the only way that we and our children, and our children’s children, can be saved.
Contained within There By The Grace of God Go I are the highlights of Tommy’s journey and the message that he was given to share with you.

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Keith Willcock                       Spirituality

Keith Willcock was born in Suffolk, England in 1945. In 1952, he and his family immigrated to Nova Scotia, Canada, where he grew up.
His academic degrees include a Bachelor's degree in Physical Education, a Master's degree in Religion, a Master's degree in Social Work, a Graduate Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis and a Docorate in Psychotherapy. He has been a member of the American Academy of Psychotherapists since 1980.
Keith is a certified yoga teacher and has studied meditation in India and Thailand. He has studied Occidental Shamanism and indigenous healing in Cuba, Peru, Bolivia and Central America.
He is a practitioner of the Self Realization techniques of Prahamahansa Yogananda.
Since setting up his practice in psychotherapy in 1982 in Montreal, Keith has developed a unique system of mind-body healing which helps students connect with their own Divinity and find their true life path. He has conducted workshops throughout Canada, the U.S. and Central America.
Keith lives in Nicaragua where he does private consultations and healing work. He also leads groups in spiritual journeys to Bolivia and Peru. In his spare time he does wood sculptures, writes, and spends time with friends.

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Don Zolo                       Western

Don Zolo was born and raised in Texas, U.S.A.  He attended Texas A & M and got a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering along with an ROTC commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the U. S. Army.  He is a veteran of two wars and has been in combat while serving in the Infantry.  
After his tour of duty, he attended the University of Southern California and received a Master of Science degree in engineering.  He now lives in the Los Angeles, California area.
 Don has spent most of his professional life working in the Intelligence Community.  He is now a Consultant which allows him time to do what he really loves, writing.  He has published many technical papers, a novel, and poems.  He is now finishing the manuscript for a non-fiction book.  He also writes the patent applications for his inventions.

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