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"The number of ships grows: an endless stream of Vikings never ceases to increase. Everywhere the Christians are victims of massacres, burnings plunderings: the Viking conquers all in their path, and no one resists them. They seize Bordeaux, Perigueux, and Limoges…, Angers, Tours and Orleans are annihilated and an inumberable fleet sails up the Siene and evil grows in the whole region. Rouen is laid waste, plundered and burned; Paris, Beauvais and Meaux taken. . ., Bayeux plundered and burned and every town besieged”


Ermentar of Abbey St. Philbert
Noirmoutier c. 860



"We ought not to pass over in silence the fact that the Northalbingians committed a great crime. Some unhappy captives taken from Christian lands by Norse barbarians were ill-treated by these strangers and fled to the Northalbingian Christians, who showed no compassion but instead seized them and bound them in chains...”


“Life of Ansgar”

Bishop Rimbert, C. 869




“In this fictionalized history of New Mexico, the author brings vividly to life Don Juan de Oñate’s sixteenth-century establishment of the first permanent settlement in the American West, on behalf of Phillip II of Spain.  The story is told through the eyes of Oñate’s staunchest supporter, Captain Villagrá, who writes from his prison cell in Seville years after Oñate’s conquest. Through flashbacks rich in detail, the reader witnesses Oñate’s perilous advances into the territory of the “pueblo dwellers” of the American Southwest, the infighting among Oñate’s own men after their leader is made governor of the conquered land, the loves and motives of the sharply drawn characters who accompany Oñate on the expedition, and Oñate’s eventual downfall.  The novel also touches on more momentous events in history: The Spanish Inquisition, divisiveness among the Franciscans, and the native American revolt in the Southwest. A well-paced adventure story that brims with High drama.” 


-BOOKLIST   (Review of the First Edition)    


$4.95 Electronic Edition

 $15.95 Trade Paperback Edition



$4.95 Electronic Edition

 $15.95 Trade Paperback Edition



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