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Fury of the Norse




"The number of ships grows: an endless stream of Vikings never ceases to increase. Everywhere the Christians are victims of massacres, burnings plunderings: the Viking conquers all in their path, and no one resists them. They seize Bordeaux, Perigueux, and Limoges…, Angers, Tours and Orleans are annihilated and an inumberable fleet sails up the Siene and evil grows in the whole region. Rouen is laid waste, plundered and burned; Paris, Beauvais and Meaux taken. . ., Bayeux plundered and burned and every town besieged”

   Ermentar of Abbey St. Philbert
Noirmoutier c. 86






Around the middle of the 9th century, the Norse (later known as the Vikings) turned their attention from England towards new victims across the Channel. Churches and monasteries, as well as villages and towns along the banks of the River Seine, were all desirable targets and the Norse carried out one successful raid after another.  Little could be done to stem this tide of rape and plunder.


Many Franks were captured and transported to some part of Scandinavia to be sold as slaves. A few tried to escape, including the child-sister of  Cristian, a young Frank whose family was savaged by the Norse. 


Fighting deep shock, Cristian flees the charred remains of his home and, through his eyes, the living terror of the Norse raids is revealed. He finds refuge with a warrior-abbot and the intrepid Benedictines. Voyaging north with the abbot, he seeks revenge and a way to find his kidnapped sister. The abbot, who secretly respects the Norse, is fighting his own demons. He tries hard to cure the youth of his hatred and need for vengeance.


In Denmark, Cristian finds that the people are not the vicious barbarians he imagined. He encounters the strange allure and terrible danger of the pagan world, as well as an equally threatening forbidden love. Ultimately, he learns that it is not only the Norse warriors he has to fear, but that his soul may be consumed in this incredible, impossible new world.



"We ought not to pass over in silence the fact that the Northalbingians committed a great crime. Some unhappy captives taken from Christian lands by Norse barbarians were ill-treated by these strangers and fled to the Northalbingian Christians, who showed no compassion but instead seized them and bound them in chains...”

 “Life of Ansgar”

Bishop Rimbert, C. 869



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