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Max Fox                                    Alternate History

American Classic

Imagine a world where the Romans discovered and colonized America some 1500 years before Columbus, a world where the colonists of Americum revolted against Emperor Tacitus rather than King George III, and where the Declaration of Independence was signed on the 4th of Julius 276 AD.
The classical Roman history America might have had.
From discovery to freedom and all things in between.

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David G. Frazee                                    Science Fiction

The Garden Train

In a time when teleportation is commonplace, a group at Techno Corporation decides to work on a whimsical secret agenda.  The idea of the project is to develop the ability reduce themselves to a size that allows them to ride an ancient toy train in Carl Bellamy’s back yard.  Little do they know that it may be the last ride of their lives.
When those who survive the ride return to their normal size, they find themselves in the middle of corporate espionage and blackmail.  And then there is "The Other Computer.

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Pier Fuhrman                                    Science Fiction        

Cats Without Bodies and Snakes With Wigs

Jackie Spangle’s life is without direction until the day his girlfriend Marcea dumps him to pursue her career as a reporter on the far-off planet of Calpez.  Jackie eventually follows her, but arrives on Calpez to discover her dead; a casualty of a local riot.  When his investigation into her death goes nowhere, he books passage home, but is sidetracked by a commotion en route to the ship.  That is his first mistake.
His second is getting involved.
As a result, he witnesses a murder and is accidentally transported aboard the headquarters ship of the Bombeese Company Limited, the corporate power that fronts for the corrupt High Council of the Interplanetary Union.  It is aboard the B.C.L. ship that things begin to get weird...
Cats Without Bodies and Snakes With Wigs is the first book in the Calpez Trilogy, a rollicking interstellar adventure.  Join us for intrigue, murder, double-dealing, duplicate identities, space battles, revolution, good, evil, imploding planets, and the strangest mix of life forms and characters this side of Andromeda.

Social Justice Abounds

The evil Interplanetary Union is no more.  However, that doesn’t mean that the planet Calpez’s problems are over.  For one thing, the former Commander Cheryll Bartell has been elected Chancellor after a campaign of lies and deception; and giddy with power, she begins to build herself an empire out of the wreckage left behind by the fall of the I.P.U.   Meanwhile, conspiracies collide, old enemies return, the palace is blackmailed, kidnappings become commonplace, Calpez seems destined for certain destruction, and those aren’t the worst problems Jackie Spangle faces …
 Social Justice Abounds is the rollicking sequel to Cats Without Bodies and Snakes With Wigs, an interstellar adventure in the grand tradition.  Coming soon: Coffee Drinkers Of The World Unite; The Princess Debacle And Other Hanky Panky! 

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Griffin T. Garnett

The Sandscrapers - Historical Novel

"Sandscrapers" were the men who crewed the little known and unheralded LSMs (Landing Ships - Medium) in World War II.  These were the ships that delivered men and materiel to the beaches under fire throughout the South Pacific island hopping campaign.  The Sandscrapers chronicles the lives of the brave crewmen who repeatedly sailed their boxlike craft under the guns of Japanese shore batteries, and celebrates the sacrifices of those who gave "their last full measure of devotion" to the cause of freedom. 

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Scott G. Gier

Genellan: Planetfall - Science Fiction

Genellan—a beautiful, Earthlike world where intelligent cliff dwellers waited in fear for the day the bear people would return, killing them for their fur…
Genellan—the only refuge for a ship’s crew and a detachment of spacer Marines, abandoned by a fleet fleeing from alien attackers.
Stranded on Genellan, the humans struggled to make a home for themselves until—they hoped against hope—the fleet would return to rescue them. Lt. Sharl Buccari tried desperately to hold on to the threads of command over the spacers and the Marines—to keep her crew together and alive.
Winter was coming. No one knew if the winged natives would be friend or foe. And now the bear people were returning, intent on destroying the humans—but not before stealing the secret of hyperlight drive, the key to interstellar flight…

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Genellan: Shadow of the Moon - Science Fiction

Heart of Genellan
Hotshot pilot Sharl Buccari was a living legend. She and her crew of Survivors had established a foothold on Genellan—a beautiful new world, raw and unforgiving—becoming allies with the native cliff dwellers. Now the challenge was to engineer peace with the other advanced race inhabiting the same planetary system—the kones—and to build a colony for the children of humanity, including her own infant son.
But konish politics and xenophobia threatened to tear apart the fragile truce for which she had fought so hard. Worse, another mysterious race of aliens who twenty-five years earlier had massacred a human star fleet was back—and on the warpath.
Buccari had to choose. The other Survivors could take care of Genellan, and the cliff dwellers would take care of her child. But only Buccari held power over all three races of the Genellan system. Only Buccari could hope to unite them against a common—and deadly—foe… 

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Genellan: First Victory - Science Fiction

Fleet Admiral Runacres has taken the Tellurian fleet deep into the Red Zone trying desperately to make diplomatic contact, and now the Ulaggi mean to punish the humans for approaching too closely to the heart of their empire. The murderous aliens have come to kill. Ulaggi battle cruisers, human motherships, and konish dreadnaughts converge on the planet Genellan, just as a convoy of Tellurian transports arrives to eject their vulnerable cargo of human settlers into the rugged planet’s atmosphere. Hotshot squadron commander Sharl Buccari and her corvette pilots are all that stand between the enemy and the helpless settlers. Buccari is a living legend, but the Ulaggi have never been defeated. Can she stop them from invading Genellan? If not, Earth is next.

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Genellan: Earth Siege - Science Fiction

Trafalgar in Space
Ancient were the Ulaggi before the ancestors of man walked upright.  The Ulaggi — a race of mind readers — terrorize the galaxy, destroying the weak.
Genellan, humanity’s first colony in space, is attacked.  Thousands die.  The colonial capital is destroyed, but the aliens are repulsed. The cost is dear in lives and ships, but worse — the Ulaggi learn the location of Earth.
Admiral Runacres, the Tellurian Legion Fleet commander, orders all ships back to Sol-Sys.  Desperately, he strives to bring her selfish governments into cooperation…
Too soon, the Ulaggi attack, forcing Runacres to retreat behind his lunar defenses.  Earth’s defense is untenable.  The Ulaggi descend to the surface, spreading death and ruin in their path.
Captain Sharl Buccari returns to Sol-Sys with reinforce-ments from Kon, humanity’s ally and bitter enemy of the Ulaggi.  Outnumbered, the human and Konish fleets engage the invaders… 

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Daystar - Science Fiction

Two super alliances compete for the galaxy: the Federation, a constellation of systems centered on Earth, struggles against the Galactic Independence/New Confederacy (GINC) as mankind spreads like a bloody stain, consuming entire planets in a rapacious competition for resources. Some colonies will live, but most will die to fulfill the needs of the core alliances.
A rebel organization, the Planetary Independence Movement (PIM), strives to obstruct the devastation. Its messianic leader, Daniel Enos Callihan, has not been seen for decades, but his sedition continues to hamper the alliances. Each alliance seeks to use Callihan against the other…or else to kill him. His location becomes available—Daystar System.
Duncan, a Federation ground-pounder, leads a penetration team onto the planet and discovers a pre-industrial society unable to defend itself—at least apparently so. A curious energy source leads Duncan to Callihan; but it is the energy source itself that changes everything. The elwar, a race of gentle innocents, possess a power unlike any previously known. It is this power that ultimately makes all the difference.

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Kevin Gildea

The Beginning of the End - Techno-Thriller

Years of budget cutting and neglect have left the United States military in a sadly weakened state.  When a world-wide depression further strains the resources of the west, the leaders of China see an opportunity that has not presented itself in nearly a thousand years.  The time has come, they believe, to throw off the shackles of corrupt western influence.  A quick strike with nuclear and biological weapons, and the Middle Kingdom will once again rule all the known world.
Standing between China and her ambitions are a few brave men and women and a technology that was once the envy of the world.  Whether it will be sufficient in the coming crisis remains to be seen ...
Thus begins Kevin Gildea's yarn of a future that is all too plausible.

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Country Nate Green

Kill The Surgeon - Medical Mystery

A young African-American surgeon is assisting in the life-saving surgery on a young 12-year-old cancer patient.  Suddenly, the chief surgeon, the young doctor’s beloved mentor, clutches his chest and falls to the floor of the operating theater, victim of a massive coronary.
The young doctor must make the most crucial decision of his life, one that can end his medical career.  Does he save the 12-year-old patient or his friend who lies dying at his feet?
And that is only the start of his problems.

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Joseph A. Grispino

Philosophy for Teens - Philosophy

Philosophy For Teens emphasizes logic (how to think critically) and ethics (how to live responsibly.) Never before has a high school graduate needed these two tools more urgently.
Forty-five of the nation's governors addressed the high school educational crisis at the first National Education Summit and demanded drastic changes. Philosophy For Teens answers their demand because what good is a barrel of knowledge without a thinking spigot?
This textbook speaks in a conversational, non-technical style, in no need of a teacher's manual. Of the 30 chapters, 15 discuss social issues, two amplify logic and ethics respectively.

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Guy Goudeau

Demokratia - Political Science

Born out of a near-death experience, Demokratia is the personal vision of a writer who fell in love with the United Sates more than 50 years ago.  Read it for a new insight into what it means to be an American, a citizen of the world, and a member of the human race.

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Leila Harber                       

In The Year 2525 - Romance / Sensuality

I have lived many lives, under many names. I have been male and female, high born and low, Gentile and Jew. Great joy has been mine, as have many different loves. I have also seen more than my share of tragedy. I have lived to a ripe old age and died young. I have trod the cobblestones of lost Atlantis, gone conquering with Alexander the Great, and died with an infant son in my arms under the hooves of U.S. Cavalry. Down the millennia, through many incarnations, I have learned, and loved, and suffered, and triumphed. I am immortal! This is my story...

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Jack and Catherine Hart                        

Mythosphere - Science Fiction

Mythosphere is a virtual-world playground located on a remote island in the Caribbean and run by an extended family who style themselves "Olympians," the gods of Mythosphere.  Trevor Martin, a fair athlete and mediocre student, is not sure that he wants to squander his graduation money on a vacation trip to the island; not until he meets Diana, one of the Olympians, that is.
Once in Mythosphere, Trevor finds himself caught up in a contest between Diana's Samarkand and Mars's Camelot, and in the process, finds himself responsible for a woman who cannot stand him.  The only problem is that the contest is more a war than a game -- a war for the control of Mythosphere!
Trevor's story is only one strand in a complex weave of storylines involving humans and gods, both in and out of the virtual playground.   The people and beings that Trevor meets include a beautiful female knight, a serial killer, various fairies, a dragon, a hippogriff, and numerous others both mysterious and deadly.  He soon discovers that things are not as they seem, people are not who they appear, and danger lurks around every virtual turn in Mythosphere.

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Robert Hartle                        

Identity Theft, A True Story - True Crime


The story of how a career criminal stole Bob Hartle's identity and ran up more than $100,000 of debts in his name.  The book details the efforts of Robert and Joanne Hartle to rebuild their lives and get their good names back.  You would think their problems would have been solved when the criminal was thrown into prison.  You would think wrong!

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Emmett Hinkley                        

Ancient Manuscripts of Jesus Christ - Religion//History

Sometimes treasures of great wealth can be discovered centuries after their creation, to become pearls of great price to the discoverer.  This can happen, either  by chance or by Divine Providence.  Certainly God has a time and place for all things.
Such is the case with "Ancient Manuscripts of the Life and Times of Jesus Christ."  Although this book was first compiled and printed in the mid-1800s, it has lain dormant for more than a century, being handed down through several generations of its original author.
Perhaps Divine intervention has chosen this time for its resurrection; for this book is spiritually charged with new insights into the days and times of Jesus Christ.  It is a book concerned with a journey to faith, a ten year expedition which resulted in the discovery of ancient manuscripts, found in the archives of European libraries in the 1800s by a man who was driven by theological inspiration.
Join him in discovering the life and times of Jesus, the Christ, Our Savior.

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The History Carper

Diary of the American Revolution, Volumes 1 and 2  - History 

The history of any great event is a worthwhile subject for study and the American Revolution was one of the greatest events of all of human existence. One would be hard pressed to find better examples of the arrogance of statism and the principled resoluteness of liberty. These pages present the day-to-day events of the Revolution in a unique manner: in the words of those who experienced them.  Eyewitnesses on every side of the conflict related their experiences through local newspapers and in their own diaries and letters. Frank Moore collected hundreds of those reports from over forty Whig and Tory newspapers, five collections of letters, and five diaries into the two volumes of _Diary of the American Revolution_ in 1858. Since then they have been listed in the bibliography of almost every important work on that period. No study of the Revolution could possibly be complete without these volumes.
From many pages of humor at the expense of General Burgoyne to the infuriating murder of Jenny McCrea you will be informed, angered, and greatly entertained. Even if you are no historian, these volumes will be of inestimable value to your understanding of politics, human nature, and the current state of affairs in America.
Volume I covers January 1775 through December 1777--from the initial civil unrest in Boston to the defeat of General Burgoyne.  Volume II covers January 1778 through December 1781--from the alliance with the French to the surrender of Lord Cornwallis at Yorktown.

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Commentary on Marriage in the Bible, Volume 1: The Torah - History

Marriage in the Torah
 A Commentary on Marriage in the Bible is a multi-volume work analyzing the treatment of marriage and family in the Bible. It begins with Genesis 1:1 and progresses to Revelation 22:21, picking out nearly every pertinent verse along the way. It is the result of a layman’s research project that has spanned more than ten years so far, including countless hours of study and prayer. Although the author has attempted to set aside bias—whether religious, cultural, or merely personal—in order to convey accurately what the prophets of God actually recorded and what their words mean for us today, his Messianic Jewish theology and devout evangelical Christian upbringing has infused this work with a unique perspective. The contents are controversial, and every single reader is certain to find something with which to disagree vehemently. Conversely, readers of every theological persuasion, Jewish, Christian, or other, are also certain to find much of value as they read with an open mind and heart.
 Volume I comments on the Torah, the first five books of the Bible, and provides an essential foundation to the information in later volumes.

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William F. Holmes

Mind Over Matter - Futurism

Mind over Matter points the way towards universal prosperity, self-sufficient households, abundant new living space, ideal physical health, and well-balanced, more powerful minds. Humanity can reach these goals by thinking small, assembling life size structures from simple electrical and mechanical parts as small as human cells. Ordinary clothes will soon become bioclothes, structures of biological complexity created through the art of biodesign.
Bioclothes will be adjustable, shape changing fabrics that protect, support, and strengthen our bodies, and even modify our outward appearance. Bioclothes will make telepresence a reality, providing instant travel by “teleforms”, empty, mobile sets of bioclothes. Miniature teleforms will open the micro-world to us, expanding our effective living space a thousand fold. Robotic forms of bioclothes will perform routine tasks swiftly and tirelessly, providing the labor for small scale, family size production, freeing us bit by bit from the need for a job.
Biodesign within the human body will use modified forms of our own nerve and immune cells as “parts” to create a cell care network that examines and repairs our tissues, cell by cell. By judicious stimulation of cell growth in selected parts of the body and brain, plus much physical and mental exercise, each of us can work towards our personal vision of an ideal self.
Cell care networks in the brain will lead to a profound understanding of the relationship between the human mind and the brain that supports it. Humanity will begin to explore a mental universe of unknown reach by extending our present neural structures in new directions. Our journey will continue towards a future barely seen, then beyond to the presently inconceivable, to a time when mental growth will predominate, when we will indeed become “mind over matter”.

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Robert O. Hoskins

Devils in Quantum - Science Fiction

Preston “Pete” Borden struck it rich in 1899 in Goldtown, Nevada, in one of the last big strikes in the Old West.  Having made his fortune at the tender age of 20, Borden returned to his home in the East where he bankrolled a company named Borden Holdings.  Over the decades, Borden’s company and power grew, evolving into the Borden Bank of Trust of New York City.
 Pete married and though he longed for an heir, did not produce a son, Morgan, until 1932.  The elder Borden groomed his son to take over the business empire.  Fearing kidnappers, Pete hired an ex-prizefighter, Slugger, to look after his son.  The two have an interest in common.  Both want to become chemists.  While experimenting, Slugger creates a drink that sends imbibers to Quantum, a strange world not of this Earth.  There, he and Morgan are illegal arrivals, not subject to the strict laws of Quantum.
The two of them have a number of adventures, including riots, warfare, and a donkey, before they are eventually returned to Earth.

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Images - Verse

Robert O. Hoskins has led a long and eventful life.  Over the years, he has made some 300 observations in poetry and prose about every aspect of life, ranging from one-liners to multiple pages in length.  Some of these observations are nice, while others are nasty.  All are thought provoking and well worth reading.
These comprise over 300 observations on every aspect of life from one-liners to nine pages in length. Some are nice, others are nasty. No particular theme is followed; these are just on subjects from ‘A to Z.’


TUSOA - Land of the Free? - Action - Adventure

The wars had been long and devastating.  A deafening silence fell over the land.  The small groups of survivors were at a time of decision.  Food and supplies were short, continued existence questionable.  Life was a nightmare, death a relief.
They say Tusoa is a "land of plenty" controlled by a large government.  There is talk of much money, food and comfort.  The government will take care of you, but at the cost of your freedom.
Many had left on ships for Tusoa.  Others talked of leaving.
The following is one family's story of persevering to a better world.

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Bad Seed - Action - Adventure


The world is at peace and life is good.  Reverend Eon Marcus is blessed with a successful ministry.  Until…the snakelike tabloid reporter…met with the money-hungry clerk…an exchange of money for information is made… Everyone loves to hear about dirty politics, sordid affairs, and evangelists falling from grace. This exchange will affect the Ministry, Eon and his youngest rebel daughter, Esther.
Esther has always been free-spirited and the source of much amusement.  Now this childish adult’s choices threaten to destroy lives, families, even nations.
As if things aren’t bad enough, terrorism raises it’s evil head.  …Abruptly the silence ended and darkness became daylight from the ear-shattering simultaneous explosions.  Men were running in all directions like cockroaches when the kitchen light is flicked on.  The few not dead from the explosions… The world spins in to chaos.

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Phil Jaffe


The 1954 Historic Arctic Adventure of the Northwind - History

In 1954 the United States Coast Guard Cutter Northwind was the first ship to conquer McClure Strait and chart a corridor through the Northwest Passage.
This is story of an historic Arctic adventure that has never been told before. It includes over 50 original color photographs of the Arctic ice,  and is written and photographed by Phil Jaffe, a member of the crew!

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Northwoods Nature Journal - Nature

We invite you to come for a visit with Jannie in her Northwood’s home.    Come experience with her through pictures, drawings and writing the many wonders that brought excitement to her as she worked on this book for her grandchildren.  Nature holds many interesting facts and surprises for those who are observant.
There is constant amazement at the intricate, awesome details God created when making this world.  We truly are blest and give God all the glory.

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A. C. Johnson


Martha McBride, Judge and Jury - Mystery

Jason, a forty-four-year-old man living in Metropolitan Montana, has been in search of a true friend. He finds a 13-year-old boy named Michael McBride in which to confide a long hidden secret. He discovers that Michael has betrayed his secret when he finds the boy and his girl friend laughing behind his back. As seven witnesses tell their version of the story, a long hidden letter comes to light. Martha McBride, Michael’s mother, decides to wage legal war against Jason on the most serious of all possible charges.

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Kenny Kan - Mystery

The stories in this anthology are memories and tributes to my youth, and to my best friend of forty-five years, Kenneth “Ken-Kan” Forsberg. Ken is the most loyal, kind and trustworthy person I have had the pleasure to know in my life. I have written this book in honor of my friend, who has been placed on a transplant list after contracting a virus in his heart. This is a collection of memories about youthful love and respect for a lifelong friend.

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Brad L. Johnson

The Comic Collectors Handbook, Vol 1 - Comics


A Slightly Whacked Guide for the Comic Book Fan
The Comic Collector's Handbook is loaded with over 120 black & white illustrations and 24 magnificent full color pages commissioned especially for this edition, including the exclusive, innovative artwork of William “Mr. Bill” Johnson. It features articles by prominent professionals: Professor William Foster III, on the history of blacks in comics; Henry Springs, on the role of women in comics; and Nick Walden, with an in-depth profile of the Batman.
If you want the “nuts and bolts” of comic collecting, go to the library. If you just want the “nuts” ... here we are.

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The Slightly Whacked Vegetarian Cookbook - Vegetarian

This is not your momma's cookbook. This book offers over 150 recipes, a cooking and spice guide and alternative product information and info on factory farming, additives and genetically modified foods. It will leave you amazed, informed and full. And all of the recipes ARE DELICIOUS!

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Russell C. Kick, Ph.D.

The Key to Self-Discovery - Self Improvement

The Key to Self-Discovery presents and teaches The Holistic Way, a new application of the systems thinking that is enhancing our understanding of our world and ourselves, and improving the quality of life. The Holistic Way, a modern and innovative approach to self-discovery, self-development and life mastery, is a system consisting of twelve guides, self-empowering music and visual tools designed to be easy to learn and fulfilling to use.

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How To Earn Your Education Online- Self Improvement

Internet-based online education is the key to a successful career and a good Education is now available virtually anytime and anywhere to people of all ages online via the Internet. This information in this book is ideal for people who want to continue their education without disrupting their careers, college students, high school students, and parents wishing to provide home schooling.

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Nick Kisella


The Chalice of Souls - Fantasy

Mandar, the mightiest warrior of the ancient continent Tharvus, before the dawn of history, is launched into an odyssey by the gods known as the Five Lords.  The Seven Deviants, a rival group of gods, has deemed that all life on Tharvus must end.  They have stolen the power of the Five Lords, which resided in a golden chalice and empowered their human agent, the wizard Vul, to destroy it.  Mandar, the savage barbarian, armed with the Doomweaver, an indestructible broadsword from the Five Lords, is thrust into a war between gods that he has no desire to take part in, with the future of mankind the prize and Death as his only ally.

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