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Bob Nadel                  

Spiral Nebula - Science Fiction 

Spiral Nebula deals with the sudden demise of civilization.  A group of scientists are seeking a cheap source of energy. They succeed beyond their wildest dreams when they stumble upon anti-matter.  Anti-matter utterly destroys any (normal) matter that it touches such as puny scientists and the world that they live on.In an instant they and their world are reduced to incandescent ash. The ash is scattered to the far reaches of the galaxy where the devastation continues in a chain reaction. Billions of souls are lost in the holocaust. A conglomerate of these souls, all that remains of humanity, is invested in a bodiless  entity. For want of a better name, we will call him George.
George is severely punished for his part in the devastation after which he is taken in hand by a God like entity who charges him with the formidable task of rebuilding the world and is given the tools with which to do it.
The second part of the book deals with George's successes and failures.Will he succeed and will he do it right this time or do his successors have to repeat the cosmic experiment ad infinitum?
Finally ... Is this about the past or the future. You the reader must decide ... or read the sequel.  

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Nelani Nettrour                  

Soaring Free - Fantasy   

From a world where flying was as normal as walking, where a thought could transport her, Arista was cast out. Memories of her true life are stolen from her. Exiled from all she held dear she is forced to start her life over on a world foreign to her. Newly born in that world, but not of it, she grows to womanhood. Glimpses of who she really is, what she has lost, slowly emerge in the most unexpected of ways.
The first book in the "Soaring Free Trilogy."


Arcan's Revenge - Fantasy   


There are some things that can eat away at a soul until all that remains is darkness.  There are some emotions so black that Evil itself is awakened.  To fight against such forces might seem insurmountable, but that is what Arista must do. 
The second book in the "Soaring Free Trilogy."

A Fatal Blow - Fantasy    

Life has a way of twisting, shifting—altering even the most well formed plans.  Each is left struggling to find answers to questions they’d never dreamed they would have to face—choices of one, impacting the whole.
The third book in the "Soaring Free Trilogy."



Chantra's Awakening - Fantasy    

Chantra has left her childhood behind, but in so doing has lost touch with that which could save her in the coming days.


Cow's Milk - Children's Book   

Ever wonder why we give our children cow's milk for breakfast rather than black coffee?  Well, there was this farmer, see ...



Anara Arrives - Children's Book   

Travel back to the beginnings of Lamac. Travel to a world fresh from creation, to a place where the possibilities are as endless as the imagination. Visit a place where life is cherished and every child has a creature companion.


Birth of Takaira - Children's Book   

Discover Flittaf, the birthplace of Takaira and many wondrous and unique creatures.  Journey back to a time before Takaira left her home world.  Learn what caused Takaira to leave everything she knew and seek out the unknown…


Calastapeas' Gathering - Children's Book   

As with all privileges, there also comes responsibility, for both the child and the companion. Those who long for the connection they will never have, sometimes fail to realize the price that also comes with that connection. It is always easier to envy another when you don’t know the whole story, when you don’t know the sacrifices and you don’t pay the cost.


Welcoming Garcon - Children's Book   

Garcon (pronounced Gär-\sōn) is the newest addition to my sister Karen and her husband Kevin’s family.  He is a beautiful white standard poodle puppy and everyone has fallen in love with him.  He has the air of royalty about him that the other dogs, and even us humans have come to accept as part of who he is.



Nunkey's Adventure - Children's Book   

Nunkey lives on a wonderful world filled with creatures known and unknown to us.  As he goes on his adventures we will learn more about Nunkey, his world and those who inhabit that world.  Dragets are one of the smaller creatures of his world.  One of the advantages of being so small is Nunkey can catch rides on the larger creatures.  He notices things others may overlook, and his imagination sees potential where others fail to see it.  Since his joy is so boundless and infectious, he is always a pleasure to have around.



Nunkey's Adventure 2, Birth of Reekey - Children's Book   

Nunkey, the draget, is pleased to announce the birth of his sister Reekey —smaller even than the small Nunkey.  Share this newest adventure with them.



The Ripple - Children's Book  - Dragonlands, Book 1 

A mysterious ripple… favorite colors…daydreaming…discover what all of these things have in common and how they affect two children from Earth.



Banshee - Children's Book - Dragonlands, Book 2

What happens to William and Dusty on the strange world of Dragon Lands when they enter a mysterious forest?  And to whom do those glowing eyes belong?  Enter at your own risk!



The Village - Children's Book - Dragonlands, Book 3 

Finally leaving Banshee Bend behind, the weary travelers head for Usa’s village.  What awaits them there?  Will they find answers, or only more questions?



The Imagynairs of Jemmidar - Children's Book   

Jemmidar is a world filled with unique creatures of amazing variety and unusual talents.
Come meet some of them.



The Imagynairs of Jemmidar, Book A - Children's Book   

The Andree, Alleeo, and Alpeeka are different in many ways, but they share the ability to bring joy to the lives of those around them.



Jodi's Bugs - Children's Book   

Jodi’s understanding of nature and her love for bugs (especially the dotted kind) inspires her friends to take a closer look at what can be found within a simple walk.



Jodi and the Seasons - Children's Book   

You have met Jodi and her friends in Jodi’s Bugs.  Now come along with Jodi, her family and her friends as they explore the diversity of the seasons.  Experience the unique joys of winter, spring, summer and fall with them. 



Jodi's Garden - Children's Book   

As spring bursts forth, new friends arrive in Jodi’s town.  Not all are old enough to dig right in to gardening, but they lend their joy to the endeavors.  Come share in the adventures of creating a fabulous garden.

Dragonfly Flight - Children's Book   

Come share the journey of a little dragonfly as he flies across the Northwoods, taking in the sights.



Steps - Poetry / Short Fiction   

Sometimes we take baby steps, uncertain and needing of help.  Sometimes toddling steps—surer, yet still not confident.  Sometimes we take a giant step—leaping, bounding forward.  Sometimes we take a backward step, when we see we’ve taken a wrong path.  Sometimes our steps are joyous, running steps, when we feel we are barely touching the ground.  At times we drag our feet in sorrow, grief, loneliness, and uncertainty, when our feet feel leaden.  Sometimes we walk alone, sometimes with friends, family, our mate.  But all our life is filled with steps—forward, backward, or sideways, full of confidence or faltering.  Life is full of steps.

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Pathways - Poetry / Short Fiction   

When I first set out to write this second book of poetry and musings and a short story, I was hoping for a version of praise and joyful expectation.  I had included many of my poetry written in hardships and heartache in Steps.  I was hoping that I could be done with such struggles, for a time at least.  But some things have happened to me personally, and to our country, that has caused a change in many of the words of expression.

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All About Krammer - Children's Book  

Hi, I’m Krammer.  I am a Boston Terrier.  I live with a family of people.  Some have grown up and gone since I’ve moved in, but others are still here.  Mostly now there is Barry, otherwise known as the dad, Nelani, otherwise known as the mom, Heather and Autumn.  But sometimes the others return to visit, mostly Josh and Sam, but every now and then even Jasmine will show up.  Sometimes they bring others with them, and sometimes they come alone.

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Meeshu's Keep - Children's Book  

In a world where Dragon Guardians were increasingly misunderstood … where rumors persisted that terrible things happened to those who became Dragon Guardians, Meeshu never suspecting that choice would one day be made for him. 

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Angels in Training - Children's Book  

The fight between good and evil is eternal and usually unseen by mere mortals.  Join the angels in training and you just may learn something. 

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Sun Griffins - Children's Book  

The fight between good and evil is eternal and usually unseen by mere mortals.  Join the angels in training and you just may learn something. 

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Seek God, Book 1: Jesus, the Way - Children's Book  

The path back to God was blocked by sin and disobedience. So God sent his Son Jesus, to become the way back to Him. Seek God and be found by Him.

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Eray Oge, M.D.                 

Counterclockwise - Science Fiction 

Has science cracked the secret of human aging?  Are we on the brink of an era where it will be possible to buy back our youth?What would you pay to be twenty years old again? 
Can you imagine a world where one-hundred-fifty-year-old "youngsters" are as fit and active as today's young adults?  There are several ongoing genetic research programs that seek the goal of extending human life to two centuries or longer.  Many of us will be able to take advantage of this phenomenal research in our own lifetime.
COUNTERCLOCKWISE is the story of the quest for youth.  It is based on actual genetic research.  Although the story and characters are fictitious, the medical facts and hypotheses presented are very real.

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Marion G. Otto

Hugh Harrington - Western Fiction    

In the early nineteenth century, Hugh  Harrington set out to see America.  He took the Cumberland Trail from Maryland to Missouri, and then headed west along the Santa Fe trail to Utah.  During his long life, he was adopted by an Indian tribe, fought in the Mexican War and again in the Civil War.  Upon his return from battle, he settled down to raise a family, and instead founded a dynasty.


Texas Cavalcade - Western Fiction     

Texas Cavalcade is a dynastic novel of the Old West in the tradition of Louis L'Amour and James Warner Bellah, with enough action to satisfy any aficionado of the traditional western fiction genre.



The Ultimate Hero - Science Fiction 

Sixty-five million years ago, a single rock struck the Earth and wiped out the dinosaurs.  It was a bad day for the thunder lizards, but a good day for the human race.  Without their destruction, it is unlikely our own species would have evolved.  Which brings up an interesting question.  Will tomorrow be a bad day for humanity, and a good day for the cockroaches?

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I. Jean Pastula, Ph.D.                 

The Irony of Tyranny - Contemporary

The ghost of Maryland's earliest Tyrants still loom over Odenton.
One of the first settlements of our Ancestors.  
A mystery lingers, Tyrants turn our pages.
The Irony of it all ?  You be the Judge.

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George Phillies

This Shining Sea - Science Fiction    

Meet Eclipse.

She's pretty, hardworking, bright, self-reliant, good with tools.  Everything a twelve-year old girl should be.  She also flies and reads minds.
Now she's here on our Earth. But even her powers may not be enough to stop The Invisible Menace.

The Minutegirls - Science Fiction    

Nice young women
who just want some good clean fun
with power armor,
plenty of high explosives,
and a few cute Minuteboys.

It is 2174.
From the hills of American Manchuria
to the depths of Outer Space.
America's Girl Militia
battles Franco-German Treachery
to shield the American Stellar Republic.
Mistress of the Waves- Science Fiction    
Orphaned Amanda Kirasdotr is a sailor on the lost planet Goddard. When she rescues a visiting starfarer from drowning, her reward is a trip into orbit. Now she wants to go there again, not easy when the hottest ship on Goddard has three masts and a full set of sails.
The shadowy Brotherhood of the Bell realizes that Amanda wants to bring that most dreaded of all menaces, change, to Goddard. They'll do absolutely anything to stop her.
Amanda begins with her wits, her determination, and her dory Northstar.
She's up against typhoons, pirates, assassins, financial bubbles, starfarer ultratech, and the mythical giant ship-eating squid. Can she beat them all to find the path to her dream?
Nine Gees - A Collection of Shorter Fiction     
Nine Gees...eight short stories and an epic poem by George Phillies.
Nine Gees...spanning medieval fantasy, space piracy, mentalic duels, aliens, classical theology, and the monster that hides under the bed.
Modern literary heroes drown in their own angst. Phillies' heroines prefer sword, pistol, spell, weapons of mass destruction...and courage and determination.
Stand Up For Liberty! - Political Philosophy     
Had enough? Are you tired of elections in which our candidates work hard, do all the right things, and are delighted when they break into double digits? Would you like to become the majority party?
Then read Stand Up for Liberty! and stand up.
Funding Liberty! - Political Philosophy     

1994 — 2002
The Libertarian Presidential campaigns:  What really happened?   Now you can know the truth!
Read Funding Liberty! and go behind the scenes.
Campaign spending:  The Party faithful gave generously.  Was their money spent well?
Read Funding Liberty and get the real facts!
Contemporary Perspectives in Game Design - Gaming     
Contemporary Perspectives in Game Design delivers interviews with the peers of the game design community, the designers and publishers whose work defines excellence in game design.  From Costikyan to Nestel, from Besinque to Garfield to Seyfarth, Contemporary Perspectives in Game Design presents observations and insights from the men and women who design contemporary games.  Over 100 Discussion Problems based on the interviews support an academic course, leading students to deeper insights into the nature of the design, publishing, and use of modern board games.
Design Elements of Contemporary Strategy Games - Gaming     
For centuries, great artists have had a secret.
If you paint, don’t just study painting.
Great painters study every medium: painting, ceramics, sculpture, glassblowing... because the perspectives from every other medium make them better painters.
But you say: I’m a computer game designer!
That’s right. Just as great painters study textiles, great computer game designers study other sorts of games. Strategy games. War games. Miniatures. Role playing games. If you don’t believe us, ask yourself: Who designed Quake and Doom, and what did he design first?
In the words of Greg Costikyan: Don’t be a vidiot! If your sole experience of games derives from the arcade, the console, and the home PC...You will see only what exists in the here and now...Your palette of techniques, your grasp of the possible, will be limited.

Complete War Games: Introduction - Gaming
Designing Wargames introduces the play and design of classic hex-and-counter board wargames. Written as a textbook, Designing Wargames should appeal to board and computer game designers, board game players, and designers of serious war games for historical and military study.
 Phillies opens with a discussion of the basic elements combined to create strategic games, including representation, theme, style, mechanisms, voice, shape, and content. To introduce non-players to board wargames, he describes in detail the play of four classic board wargames, namely Stalingrad, 1914, Panzerblitz, and Fall of Manjukuo. A path to designing a game, stressing the central importance of iterative development and playtesting, is advanced. Several fundamental mechanisms and their variations, including the zone of control and command and control rules, are examined in detail. A case study contrasts a half-dozen games on a single historic campaign, comparing how different designers have created radically different games that represent the same historic outcomes. A paragraph by paragraph analysis of the written rules of one game is given. Issues related to luck and technology are examined. An extensive set of homework problems, many in the form of development projects, support the material in the text.


Complete Numerical Tables for Phillies' Phenomenology of Polymer Solution Dynamics - Science  
George Phillies' *Phenomenology of Polymer Solution Dynamics* (Cambridge University Press, 2011) gave a radical reinterpretation of experiment.
From centrifugation and electrophoresis, through solvent and monomer dynamics, dielectric relaxation, neutron scattering, self- and tracer diffusion, probe diffusion, dynamic light scattering, and viscosity, and finally to linear and non-linear viscoelasticity, *Phenomenology of Polymer Solution Dynamics* systematically reconstructed our understanding of polymer motion in non-dilute solution.
Central to the analysis in the Phenomenology were the fits of literature measurements to a consistent set of fitting functions. Figures show the curves generated by the fits, but… until now the fitting parameters themselves were not generally available.
Here, for the first time, Complete Tables to Phillies' Phenomenology of Polymer Solution Dynamics presents those numerical parameters.

George Pinneo

Bergmann's Interplanetary Venture - Science Fiction    
Bergmann's team comprised Bergmann Ventures, Inc.  The few humans of BVI were ready to return to the Moon; Guy vowed they'd stay this time!  They'd build a moonship to take people to the lunar surface as a 'day-trip', one of several benefits of having an orbitat at the Lagrangian Point, L5.  Their third ship, Moon Maid, would be a good step towards the design and fabrication of a marship, for Mars was the real prize. They would expand the BV1 orbitat along the long axis, adding BV2 to accommodate more people and businesses in preparation to move on outward where humans belonged.

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Bergmann's Martian Venture - Science Fiction    
Bergmann Ventures, Incorporated, has established a small colony just west of Candor Chasma on the edge of the Martian Equatorial Highlands. The colonists are supported by two mars spinships: Barsoomian and Ares. Their shuttle is the Banderat-built Accelerator; their second mars shuttle is under construction back on Earth. The Candor Cliffs settlement is thriving; Humans, Strivers, Banderat, Sayen and Een are represented; the second mars ship, Ares, has just brought out the first group of tourists, along with the senior Bergmanns and Jerezs and Raquel’s parents, the former President of the United States and his wife, L.A and Loretta Lasker. Kim is fascinated with a Martian nautilus she has named ‘Nicki’ who lives in the Candor Sea below Plains End.

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Bergmann's Martian Colony - Science Fiction    
Nicki, the leader of the group of native Martian nautili in Little Valley Creek, asks Guy to help protect her group from another clan of invading nautili she senses moving north along the shore of the Candor Sea. Guy has no desire to intervene in a nautili dispute. He knows the Concordat people will watch closely to see how he handles the request.
It is the first Martian winter for the BVI colonists as snow falls at Candor Cliffs. The core team prepares to journey to Dengon’s Star aboard the Banderat starship Climber to take part in the Corcordat “Ingather” or “Circle Festival.” These Humans will be the first to participate in this interspecies Hub festival. Guy expects Kim to be the smallest and most effective Human ambassador there.

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Bergmann's Sunrise Venture - Science Fiction    
Guy Bergmann, on a trip to the planet Sunrise, runs afoul of a Varandrie Lord named Anoth. When the smoke clears, he is in possession of Anoth’s lands, castle, starship and all his vassals, as well as those of another Varandrie lord.
Returning to Mars, he finds the UN has taken control of the Martian Colony in his absence. Dislodging them requires more unpleasantness, which only ends when Bergmann returns to Earth to bell the tiger in its den.
Once again, Bergmann discovers that a hero’s work is never done.

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Arthur Rhodes

Return of the Rising Sun - Alternate History - World War II     
The year is 1964. The Second Battle of Guadalcanal rages in the South Pacific as the United States makes a bold attempt to free ten thousand Allied prisoners who have been languishing in Japanese prisoner-of-war camps since the disastrous defeat of 1950. Surely a modern navy, equipped with giant aircraft carriers and flying the latest jets, will prove more than a match for the undefeated Japanese Imperial Fleet.

It is a time of change. Germany has finally been defeated after decades of war. The Russians are expanding into Eastern Europe while the Japanese Secret Police wage a relentless unconventional war against America from the Pacific to Central America. Drug dealers are among their most lethal weapons ...
Return of the Rising Sun is the second book in Arthur Rhodes’ Alternative History of the Second World War.
 Come read how things might have gone differently.
The Last Reich - Alternate History - World War II     
America 1960:  After nearly ten years under the control of the victorious Nazi regime, the United States is gripped by economic depression and mired in spiritual despair.  As the oppressed citizens plod through their grim reality of their day-to-day lives, there is a whisper of hope.  The underground movement -- a dauntless network of American patriots -- is preparing a major strike against the hated Blackshirt occupiers.  The weapons are different at the Second Battle of Lexington, but the courage is the same.

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The Red Menace - Alternate History - Korean War   
Against the backdrop of the Korean War, the FBI pursues the Nazi underground in America. There is a mighty fight in the Politburo for control of Russia.  The FBI closes in on Nazi and Russian fugitives.
The third book in Arthur Rhodes’s alternate history of World War II continues where its action-packed predecessors left off.

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The Derby Day Murder Mystery - Alternate History - Vietnam War    
The murder of the most famous child  in  America triggers an official response.  The  President  sends the FBI’s most famous team to  investigate. Unique in  style, they are as ruthless as the criminals they pursue.
The murder investigation takes place against the backdrop of the Vietnam War.

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Invasion England 1917 - Alternate History - World War I    
A timeless mystery. The home fleet is destroyed at Scapa Flow, Scotland.   The Germans are poised to invade England, and evidence points to one of the five most important men in England as a traitor.

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The Swiss Pikemen - Alternate History - Europe   
The Swiss Pikemen is the alternate history of the actual invasion of Switzerland by the Austrians in the year 1386. 

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Invasion America 1918 - Alternate History - World War I   
INVASION! In late 1918, World War I is still raging in Europe and shows no sign of ending. Germany’s invasion of England the previous year has been repulsed, and the Kaiser seeks to open a new front in the hostilities. He finds that front in the Pacific, where he convinces his Japanese allies to attack the United States’ outpost at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Simultaneously, twenty-five thousand Japanese and German troops invade the Continental United States at Seattle, Washington.

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Hitler's Spy - Alternate History
On May 27, 1942, a British-trained team of Czech partisans assassinated SS-Gruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich, the Butcher of Prague. On news of his death, Adolf Hitler ordered the village of Lidece burned and all males over the age of 16 killed in reprisal for the assassination. Decades later, a squad of U.S. Army Rangers are ambushed in Central America and killed because of the mysterious American who was Hitler’s Spy.
The two sets of deaths are related. 

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Les Rogers

Rollovers, Rattlesnakes & UFOs - Spirituality    
Rollovers, Rattlesnakes & UFOs is a fascinating spiritual memoir depicting the power of trust and how to stay positive through life’s trying and extraordinary experiences. This modern day “Wild West” adventure has a take on life’s occurrences that give deeper meaning to our existence than what meets the physical eye. The eight compelling true-life stories are a breath of fresh air, even when they leave you breathless. You will rediscover your soul all over again. 

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Jon Rominek 

Heavens: Prometheus Unleashed - Science Fiction    
When scientists discover radio signals emanating from a planet orbiting one of the stars in the Centauri System, the President of the United States orders Operation Bold Stroke, a mission to send a ship to investigate. The ship is the Prometheus, a colossally expensive gamble using unproven technology. The project is not the well-oiled machine much loved by writers of escapist fiction. The sponsoring nations balk at the cost, and crew selection falls prey to political infighting. Prometheus's commander is Glenn McCarran, a controversial choice, and not only because he is a convicted murderer pardoned by the President for the mission. The rest of the crew consists of a French scientist and two women, a Russian cosmonaut and an African-American astronaut -- none of whom trust each other or their captain. Then there is the ship's computer, a self-aware automaton with powers unknown to the human crewmembers and a personality of her own; a personality, it turns out, that is not completely honest.
Yet, with all of its shortcomings, the Prometheus mission is the most important exploration ever launched. For on its successful conclusion rests the future of the human race.

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George Saqqal

The Autobiography of Gaius Petronius Merva - Historical Novel     
Legend has it that the city of Rome was founded in 753 B.C. by twin brothers, Romulus and Remus. Over the next eight centuries, the city on the seven hills grew into the greatest empire the world had ever known.  It reached the peak of its power during the reign of Caesar Augustus, adopted son of Julius Caesar. The Pax Romana lasted for two hundred years, until the death of Emperor Marcus Aurelius.
By the Third Century A.D., the vigor of Rome was largely spent. The mighty Roman legions had met their match in the impenetrable German forest, the arid Libyan desert, and the hostile mountains east of Constantinople. The people of Rome had tired of the mantle of Empire, their administrators had become  corrupt, and their emperors short-lived.
Into this world was born Gaius Petronius Merva during the reign of Emperor Elagabalus in 220 A.D. The scion of a prosperous family in Antioch, Roman Syria, the young Gaius proved a disappointment to his father, who exiled him into the service of Rome as a soldier.

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Mark Siegel 

Rocky Point - True Crime     
On the afternoon of February 23, 1991, Trish Willoughby was brutally murdered in the Mexican tourist town of Rocky Point.  Yesenia Patino, the transsexual lover of Trish's husband, Dan, confessed to this murder and is in jail in Mexico.  But in the United States, Dan Willoughby was convicted on the same crime, and is on death row in the Arizona State Prison at Florence.  For years, a legal battle has raged over whether Willoughby ought to have a new trial. In this book, Mark Siegel, an author and attorney, presents some of the evidence on both sides, particularly evidence that was never heard at the trial, much of it from the parties and witnesses themselves.  

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Anthony Glyn Snelling

Through Many Moods, Many Years, Many Miles - Poetry   
Through Many Moods... Many Years... Many Miles is a collection of fifty poems that have been a lifetime in the making.  It is a work of spirituality, experience, and wisdom, told through reason and rhyme of Anthony Glyn Snelling.   

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Imminent Change - Poetry   
The companion volume to Through Many Moods... Many Years... Many Miles, a collection of poems that have been a lifetime in the making.  It is a work of spirituality, experience, and wisdom, told through reason and rhyme of Anthony Glyn Snelling.   

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Paul L. Spice

The Watchers - Ancient Mysteries  
The Da Vinci Code is a diversion, a subterfuge intended to deflect attention from an even more ancient secret -- an enigma first discovered by the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt and kept hidden for millennia by a secret society dating back more than four thousand years.  For all that time, the secret has remained safely hidden, guarded by its keepers.  However, human knowledge is not static and the dim outlines of that which was lost are even now dimly perceived on the frontiers of science.  For modern physics speaks of many universes composed of ten dimensions, each rolled up into its own subatomic space, isolated from all the others by a wall of impenetrable space-time.  Yet, the same experiments that describe these tiny self-contained universes also hint that a disastrous rip in the fabric of space-time is imminent, that the calamity prophesied by the ancient Ruler-Priests of the Upper and Lower Nile is about to come true.
It is to prevent this calamity predicted by both pharaoh and physicist that the secret society was formed, and for which it has been waiting, watching, and preparing.  On the inevitable day when time contends with no time, when order turns to chaos, and when humanity totters on the brink of extinction, there will be but one organization equipped to save the world. 
The Watchers.

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Dr. Stephen Taylor

Dr. Taylor's Thoughtless Weight-Loss - Health / Diet    
A Diet For Everyone! There is a right nutritional regimen for humans, developed over the thousands of years of our creation and adaptation.  It does not require measuring and calorie counting, only an understanding of how the body works and what general quantities of foods you should eat. Once you understand this, weight loss and normal weight maintenance become automatic. When your body is fed the correct ratio of healthy fats to health carbohydrates to protein it loses weight automatically. Learn how to lose pounds and inches without fixating constantly on what you are eating.  And once the weight is off, you can keep it off through a sensible, natural lifestyle that is as fun as it is effective!

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Abram Teplitskiy

Joy of Inventing for Everyone - Inventing
Inventions are all around us, so much so that most of us never question how it is that they exist in the first place.  Inventions are the product of inventors, those legendary descendents of Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell from whose fertile brains new ideas endlessly flow. 
Yet, is the ability to invent limited to a few brilliant thinkers in each generation, or is it something anyone can do?  Joy of Inventing for Everyone shows you how you, too, can be an inventor.  All that is required is to identify a problem and come up with a solution using the simple techniques discussed in the book.  Inventing is not only profitable.  It is fun!  Why not give it a try?  The better mouse trap awaits the man or woman who can invent it.  Who knows, you just may become the next Bill Gates in the process

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Howard R. Tippin

The Voice of the Moment - Science Fiction
The aliens came to the Earth to purchase water, the most precious substance in the universe.  That was all that was known about them, so humans called them Water Merchants.   To serve as their base of operations, the aliens erected a mighty tower in the Nevada desert.  The Earth Company soon built a city around the tower to facilitate commerce.  One day, an alien is found brutally murdered in the bowels of the city.  Phelan Rodgers, former colonel, United States Air Force, who once piloted the secret Black Raptor fighters back-engineered from alien technology, is chosen to help investigate the murder along with Earth Company Investigator Philip Sloane.  During the course of the investigation Phelan begins to suspect that Sloane has been sent out to help keep what the murdered alien was doing a secret, and has his own reasons for thwarting the investigation.  Phelan comes to believe that the aliens may have their own agenda for being on the Earth and now it is up to him to uncover the aliens’ secrets before it is too late…

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There By The Grace Of God Go I - Poetry / True Crime
TOMMY is in prison.  He is serving a life sentence for homicide.  For thirty years he has lived in the soul-searing confines of an 8 x 10 cell, confronting his life-long failures and a fate most of us would find difficult to survive. 
At the moment of his greatest despair, when he began to wonder if the world would have been better off without him, Tommy experienced an out-of-body vision.  He was literally snatched from within the blackened depths of his mind to stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ, there to answer for his sins. 
The experience left him profoundly changed. There By The Grace Of God Go I is a record of his story, told in poetry and prose.  It is up to the reader to decide whether this is but another story written by a convict who has been locked away for far too many years, or perhaps, Tommy has found a universal truth within his prison cell. 

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Whispers From My Field Of Dreams - Poetry
Whispers From My Field Of Dreams is a collection of love poetry unlike any other. In his poems, Tommy manages to capture the loneliness and longing that we all feel at some point in our lives, and to celebrate the loves of our life… wives, children, parents, lovers… in his own unique way.

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Keith Willcock

The Magic of Healing - Spirituality   
When our mind, our body or our spirit become unbalanced we need healing. Healing is required to restore that balance. As humans, there is a natural process of healing going on all the time.
If we overeat, for example, our body will let us know by giving us indigestion and then it will set about to the best of our ability to correct the problem. If we listen to our body and follow it’s directions, it will take care of the problem itself.  Other problems are more subtle. When we are depressed because we have lost a loved one, for example, we may need some outside help. to understand and accept the situation.
The Magic of Healing is about you. It’s not about you as a category or a disorder, a success story or a failure. It doesn’t tell you what pill to take or even which expert to see.  It will help you know who you really are; why you are doing what you are doing; and why you suffer with whatever bothers you.  It will give you clear guidelines and suggestions for living your life more happily.
 Come and see the powers the human spirit possesses to cure what ails us.  Come to The Magic of Healing.
The Mandala of Your Life - Spirituality   
 A mandala is a story without words. It is a symbolic picture of your life which can help you understand who you really are and what lies beneath the veneer of your day to day life.
 From time immemorial mandalas have provided a form through which humans have recorded a history of their lives and their journey toward self realization Each mandala in this book invites you to step through a doorway into someone's inner world and share the wisdom that lies in the deepest part of their mandala of life.
The author has over 20 years of experience in using mandalas as guides for healing the mind. Here he shares some of that experience and offers the reader an opportunity to better understand and use mandalas in their own life for healing, and well, just for fun. 
 As one student on the mandala path put it, "Mandala work took a tumor out of my head that said 'You're crazy!' and enabled me to step back and realize that  I'm not crazy at all. In fact I'm unique."

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Don Zolo

Legion of Roots - Western   

Seven flags have flown over Texas territory: the flags of Spain, France, Mexico, Texas Republic, Confederacy, United States, and Republic of the Rio Grande.  Blood of the conquering races mixed with the blood of Indians and created extended families with a variety of roots.  This story is about such a family who lived on the banks of the Rio Grande and left a turbulent legacy for a Texican named Dan Jarvis.
 Dan left home as a boy and survived everything life brought his way, from fighting in the Civil War to scouting out west.  When a drought threatened his ranch home, he went back to Texas.  He won the fight against nature, but facing the conflicts within his extended family and standing up to murderous gold thieves would take all that even Dan Jarvis could muster.

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