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E. Douglas Brown was born on the east coast of Canada on an island called Newfoundland. He has lived in Europe for four years and while over there, he had the opportunity to be a mountaineering guide for three months.

He moved back to Canada and eventually migrated back to Newfoundland to attend university, majoring in psychology and with a minor in sociology.  He took on many jobs to support himself through university; landscaping, taxi driver, a pizza delivery person and he was even a male stripper for a year. After graduating, he took a job working in group homes with boys and girls. He has worked in the oil fields of Alberta Canada, and eventually he ended up moving to B.C., Canada, where he presently resides.

He has always wanted to write, but felt he didnít have the ability to succeed at it. However, he always kept his creativity flowing. He used to write comedy skits for himself and friends to perform in front of an audience. He writes poetry, with three published poems at this time, and he is also writing a play himself. He is currently finishing up another book and working on two more.

He lives in a small town of B.C., Canada, called Sicamous, with his preteen son. He is a single dad who sometimes finds it hard to find the time to write; considering he has work, cook, help his son with school work and other chores to do. But as long as he can write something, then he is happy.

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