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The History Carper is dedicated to providing primary source documents and histories related to the great turning points of human existence: the foundations of the first civilizations, the rise and fall of the great empires, the development of theologies, the revolutions, and the great disasters. Most of this information can be accessed in a number of ways: 


For free at The History Carper's web site at The site features numerous primary source documents, and some of the most comprehensive historical timelines available.


On Special Collection CD-ROMs, which will be available for purchase at The History Carper as they become available. Each disc will contain hundreds of megabytes of information concerning one of the great turning points of history. Volume One will focus on the American Revolution.


In multiple electronic formats and in trade paperback editions printed by Third Millennium Publishing.

We hope that these history resources will help you to make more informed choices about the future. So that you will not be forced to rely on the word of others who claim to know what is best for you and your country. So that you may be able to claim, as Patrick Henry once did: 

"If our descendants be worthy the name of Americans, they will preserve, and hand down to their latest posterity, the transactions of the present times; and, though I confess my exclamations are not worthy the hearing, they will see that I have done my utmost to preserve their liberty..."

Jay Carper

Executive Editor

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