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Frank Bataillon

O.S.S. -- Action / Adventure           

Carl Broderick (Brad) Risser is a prodigy at the piano. While performing with a symphony orchestra in Poland, he meets and marries Madeline, a beautiful cello player. Their romance is interrupted when Hitler invades the country on September 1, 1939. Brad flees Europe for the United States, where he joins the army to fight the Nazi dictator.
Recognizing Brad’s special expertise, the O.S.S. recruits him and trains him to be a spy. Soon he finds himself parachuting back into Poland as an Allied agent. He reunites with Madeline and rejoins the orchestra, which is soon traveling all over Europe to play for the German occupiers.
The orchestra’s tour provides the perfect cover for Brad’s work as a secret agent and saboteur. His exploits lead him and Madeline into danger many times, culminating in his vital work during the liberation of Paris.

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Fury in the Wilderness -- Action / Adventure            

When Pat Morgan inherits a gold mine after returning from a tour of duty in Iraq, he feels his troubles are over.  And they were, until his life is interrupted by a gang of kidnappers who have taken a beautiful tutor and her student, a Kuwaiti prince, hostage. Suddenly, his special forces training comes in handy as he eludes the gangsters and escapes into the wilderness with the girl and her charge.
From then on it's a struggle between Pat Morgan, ex-Green Beret, and some of the most ruthless people this side of Saddam Hussein's broken empire.

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TUSOA - Land of the Free? - Action - Adventure

The wars had been long and devastating.  A deafening silence fell over the land.  The small groups of survivors were at a time of decision.  Food and supplies were short, continued existence questionable.  Life was a nightmare, death a relief.
They say Tusoa is a "land of plenty" controlled by a large government.  There is talk of much money, food and comfort.  The government will take care of you, but at the cost of your freedom.
Many had left on ships for Tusoa.  Others talked of leaving.
The following is one family's story of persevering to a better world.

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Bad Seed - Action - Adventure


The world is at peace and life is good.  Reverend Eon Marcus is blessed with a successful ministry.  Until…the snakelike tabloid reporter…met with the money-hungry clerk…an exchange of money for information is made… Everyone loves to hear about dirty politics, sordid affairs, and evangelists falling from grace. This exchange will affect the Ministry, Eon and his youngest rebel daughter, Esther.
Esther has always been free-spirited and the source of much amusement.  Now this childish adult’s choices threaten to destroy lives, families, even nations.
As if things aren’t bad enough, terrorism raises it’s evil head.  …Abruptly the silence ended and darkness became daylight from the ear-shattering simultaneous explosions.  Men were running in all directions like cockroaches when the kitchen light is flicked on.  The few not dead from the explosions… The world spins in to chaos.

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