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Folakemi Ayodele              

Nuggets For Ladies - Spirituality 

Nuggets for Ladies is an inspirational book designed for women from 18 to 40 years of age

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R. D. Cain

Pray for a Better Body - Spirituality / Health - Diet                 

A Spiritual Guide to Health and Fitness
Pray for a Better Body is a book that combines Spirituality with Health and Fitness – a true example of Mind meeting Body and Spirit. Spirituality is not religion but essence -- a being, a feeling of acknowledging a Higher Power. Let Pray for a Better Body provide you with information that will be helpful to you on your journey, through affirmation, spiritual lessons and quotes from our most widely read spiritual books and leaders, along with basic health and fitness guidelines and knowledge, that puts the power in your hands!

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Fat Layers and Tube Tops (Cain on Fitness) - Spirituality / Health - Diet                 

The Basic Guide to Health and Fitness
Do you ever ask yourself, before you step out the door: “Do I look attractive in this?” And most important; “Am I making healthy, long term choices for myself and those who care about me?” If the answers to these questions are less than positive, then change your lifestyle. Fat Layers and Tube Tops is a basic, informative book that deals with making those lifestyle changes and sticking to them. No diets! No weigh-ins! Just affirmative action where your body and life are concerned!

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Chocolate Is NOT A Diet Supplement (Cain on Nutrition) - Spirituality / Health - Diet        

A Health and Fitness Guide to Nutrition
You have a friend who eats like a horse and never gains an ounce. Is this due to high metabolism? Possibly. Working out in the gym ALONE will not make you fit, unless you make the healthy choice about what you eat. Eating five times a day will provide your body with the energy it needs. Can you eat five times a day and drink a lot of water? If you can, you will be fit, healthy and take control over your life.

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You Look Great.  What Happened?  (Cain on Aging) - Spirituality / Health - Diet                 

The Over-50 Guide to Health and Fitness
While living in Europe, I was amazed by the many seniors I saw skiing, climbing mountains, hiking and strenuous farming well into the autumn of their years. Compared to our European counterparts, Americans let age define who we are, how we should act and even whom we should love. Europeans have shown us that we can be as vibrant at 70 as we were at 40! The secret? Keep moving! Go to a gym, meet people and take up a sport that’s going to make you enjoy the things you can do with your body!

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The F** Word and Other Lifestyle Choices - Spirituality / Health - Diet                 

The Party Goer's Guide to Health and Fitness

Cain discusses relevant sexual topics in detail, relating their impact on individual health, fitness, and well being.  He answers your questions in a straightforward, non-judgmental style. Which foods will improve your sex life? How does nutrition and exercise factor into a healthier sex life? 

He also puts to rest many myths and misconceptions about certain exercises, as well as nutrition and its so-called benefits.  He tells you how to get the most out of your “workouts” and generally enjoy your life.


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Meditations, Quotes and Affirmations - Spirituality / Health

Compiled by Fitness & Life Coach, R. D. Cain, Meditations, Quotes and Affirmations is an aid to meditation.
Cain's interfaith background as a minister has given him a spirituality that embraces ideas that offer different perspectives and broader acceptance of humanity's strength, weaknesses, and foibles. Cain encourages the reader to embrace ideas and premises of a wide range of belief systems by encouraging individual thought and personal accountability.
In this book, he shares words of wisdom that inspire clarity and self awareness.  He makes you think, act, and ultimately, benefit, from the positive outlook that accompanies meditation and contemplation.
He invites you to meditate on the things you desire, to daily affirm that you are worhty of of all the gifts the Universe has to offer.  The book provides visual comfort through photographs and inspirational quotes, as well as providing space to record your own thoughts as you progress toward that higher plane that is only possibly through meditation.

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Michael Manning 

Bringing Spirituality Down To Earth - Spirituality


If you believe that spirituality is available to all that want it in their hearts, you will love reading “Bringing Spirituality Down To Earth” by Michael Manning.

 Mr. Manning states that “Our minds, emotions, and physical bodies can be wonderful tools with which to explore life, but the greatest asset that we have is our spiritual ability to directly perceive reality.  When seeming complexities are stripped away from a subject, what remains is simple truth.  Truth is like a soft, warm rain that falls on everyone.  When we set aside our umbrellas--our fossilized notions of reality--all the waters of heaven will be ours for the asking.”

Some have called Mr. Manning’s book a modern day version of “The Prophet.”  It addresses over eighty major topics of human concern from a spiritual point of view.

This is not a book about religion.  The author is careful to distinguish between religion and spirituality.  He states, “The fact that life is spiritual has nothing whatsoever to do with the rituals, dogma, or traditions that we associate with religion.  Every moment of our lives is filled with the pulsating love and beauty of spiritual truth.”

The spiritual exercises he recommends are a distillation of the most effective techniques he has discovered. The practice of these simple exercises will help the reader to discover greater spiritual truth through direct experience.

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Les Rogers

Rollovers, Rattlesnakes & UFOs - Spirituality    

Rollovers, Rattlesnakes & UFOs is a fascinating spiritual memoir depicting the power of trust and how to stay positive through life’s trying and extraordinary experiences. This modern day “Wild West” adventure has a take on life’s occurrences that give deeper meaning to our existence than what meets the physical eye. The eight compelling true-life stories are a breath of fresh air, even when they leave you breathless. You will rediscover your soul all over again. 

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Keith Willcock

The Magic of Healing - Spirituality   

The Magic of Healing
When our mind, our body or our spirit become unbalanced we need healing. Healing is required to restore that balance. As humans, there is a natural process of healing going on all the time.
If we overeat, for example, our body will let us know by giving us indigestion and then it will set about to the best of our ability to correct the problem. If we listen to our body and follow it’s directions, it will take care of the problem itself.  Other problems are more subtle. When we are depressed because we have lost a loved one, for example, we may need some outside help. to understand and accept the situation.
The Magic of Healing is about you. It’s not about you as a category or a disorder, a success story or a failure. It doesn’t tell you what pill to take or even which expert to see.  It will help you know who you really are; why you are doing what you are doing; and why you suffer with whatever bothers you.  It will give you clear guidelines and suggestions for living your life more happily.
 Come and see the powers the human spirit possesses to cure what ails us.  Come to The Magic of Healing.

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