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True Crime


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Nunzio and Elizabeth Addabbo                 

Target *JFK* - True Crime

The long kept secret of the monumental conspiracy and assassination of President Kennedy is finally being revealed by Nunzio and Elizabeth Addabbo in their expos, TARGET *JFK*.

Many books have been written regarding JFKs assassination. Many people with some pieces of the complex puzzle advanced their theories in spite of stiff opposition from the Warren Commission, FBI, CIA. and others.  TARGET *JFK* is NOT THEORY. It provides the missing pieces of the puzzle and closure to the conspiracy.

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Robert Hartle                        

Identity Theft, A True Story - True Crime

The story of how a career criminal stole Bob Hartle's identity and ran up more than $100,000 of debts in his name.  The book details the efforts of Robert and Joanne Hartle to rebuild their lives and get their good names back.  You would think their problems would have been solved when the criminal was thrown into prison.  You would think wrong!

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There By The Grace Of God Go I - Poetry / True Crime

TOMMY is in prison.  He is serving a life sentence for homicide.  For thirty years he has lived in the soul-searing confines of an 8 x 10 cell, confronting his life-long failures and a fate most of us would find difficult to survive. 
At the moment of his greatest despair, when he began to wonder if the world would have been better off without him, Tommy experienced an out-of-body vision.  He was literally snatched from within the blackened depths of his mind to stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ, there to answer for his sins. 
The experience left him profoundly changed. There By The Grace Of God Go I is a record of his story, told in poetry and prose.  It is up to the reader to decide whether this is but another story written by a convict who has been locked away for far too many years, or perhaps, Tommy has found a universal truth within his prison cell. 

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Mark Siegel 

Rocky Point - True Crime

On the afternoon of February 23, 1991, Trish Willoughby was brutally murdered in the Mexican tourist town of Rocky Point.  Yesenia Patino, the transsexual lover of Trish's husband, Dan, confessed to this murder and is in jail in Mexico.  But in the United States, Dan Willoughby was convicted on the same crime, and is on death row in the Arizona State Prison at Florence.  For years, a legal battle has raged over whether Willoughby ought to have a new trial. In this book, Mark Siegel, an author and attorney, presents some of the evidence on both sides, particularly evidence that was never heard at the trial, much of it from the parties and witnesses themselves.  

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