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David G. Frazee was born in 1940 in New Jersey where he lived until finishing high school.  He then attended Pennsylvania Military College, now Widener University, in Chester, PA.  After graduating in 1962 with a B.S. in Chemistry, he spent three years with Uncle Sam in Army Intelligence.  Upon discharge he went to work for DuPont.  Thirty three plus years later he decided to pack it in and retire, moving with his wife, Carol, to Henderson, NV, twenty minutes from the Las Vegas Strip.

His hobbies were always music, science fiction, model trains and a brief period of sailboat racing thrown in for good measure.  Today, trains for David are the size called G-Scale (G for garden), which one normally finds running in a back yard.  That, plus some SciFi, is what led to the writing of his first book “The Garden Train: The Ride, Company Espionage and ‘The Other Computer’”.  

His love for music has led him to learn to play the Native American Flute and is now writing music for that instrument, hoping to publish a book of original songs in the next six to nine months.

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