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Pier Fuhrman was born in Stockton California in 1965.  She is a graduate of Rhema Bible School and Kensington University, with a Bachelor's degree in Sociology.

From age 16, Pier spent summers in the Virgin Islands on St. Thomas and St. Croix, working for Island Landscape.  At the young age of 21, she opened a small gift shop in Manteca, California, which she sold three years later in order to move to Los Angeles, where she began a cleaning and gardening service.  She was forced to give up her successful business at age 27 when she suffered a stroke that left her confined to a wheelchair.

This experience left her with an intense interest in health and led her to begin Bella Vita Consulting, which specializes in helping people break free from the stresses of daily life to create the lives they desire.  Bella Vita also sells a variety of natural health products.  Being wheelchair-bound led to Pier starting her writing career.  Her first book was the originally-named Cat's Without Bodies And Snakes With Wigs, which is a rollicking space adventure.  This book was soon followed by its sequel, Social Justice Abounds.  During the long recovery from her stroke, Pier also wrote and illustrated several children's books.  After ten years of convalescence, Pier has finally left her wheelchair behind, and has completed one year of schooling toward her Doctor of Naturopathy degree.  And, if life wasn’t busy enough already, she is also preparing for the examination to obtain her Real Estate Brokers license. 

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