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Guy Jean Goudeau was born in Bordeaux, France, June 12, 1929.  He was the the youngest child born to a family of five children.  During World War II, his older brother, then a soldier in the French army was killed at the age of twenty one while fighting the Germans.  Presently his three sisters are living in France.

Guy immigrated to the United States in 1948 and was promptly drafted into the army.  He spent his first Christmas in America on guard duty at Camp Pickett, home of the 17th Airborne Division, Virginia.  Having served a two-year stint for Uncle Sam, he settled down in the U.S. ... in New York and Oklahoma.  His travels throughout the country gave him a deep abiding love for his adopted country.

In 1979, while visiting his family in France, Guy was the victim of a very serious accident that nearly killed him.  During his convalescence Guy had the opportunity to think calmly, positively,  to put what had happened in the proper perspective.    It was from this introspection that Demokratia: American Democracy in the Third Millennium was born. 

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