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Brad L. Johnson

Slightly Whacked Vegetarian Cookbook


The Slightly Whacked Vegetarian Cookbook For Regular People

The Slightly Whacked Vegetarian Cookbook is loaded with over 150 vegetarian recipes that are actually fun to eat, interspersed with 30 black & white illustrations.

"Brad L Johnson has managed to deliver a cookbook that is FUN, SHOCKING and tremendously INFORMATIVE. This book can change your life with it's perfectly blended 'recipe' of  smart cooking, compassionate cuisine and culinary anarchism. This book is so chock-full of goodies that we recommend it to ANYONE who cooks !!!:

                                       Dante Obligacion, International News Network


 $6.00 Electronic Edition

 $13.95 Trade Paperback Edition


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Brad L. Johnson

October 1, 2003 - October 1, 2005