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Jonathon Archer - The Quest



As God looks down upon the earth from his heavenly realm, he is witness to the ongoing battle between Good and Evil. God created the existence of two distinct universes so that, in the end, they would coexist in separate realities and bring all things Good to their people.   Each universe would have free will to choose Good over Evil, but no single universe, on its own, can unite the two.  The choice mankind must make to determine their ultimate fate and abolish greed and selfishness for future generations is to be in the hands of a “Chosen One.”  It was intended from the beginning that the forces of Good would prevail over evil, and the hourglass would be turned forever.

“Jonathon Archer…the Quest will take you on an unforgettable journey of adventure, action and romance.” The San Diego Ladies Forum Book Club.  



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