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The Muslim Love Letter


The greatest gift to mankind has been veiled for thousands of years, perched for rediscovery in a time such as this.

 On the threshold of world changing events, Dr. T embarks on a race to save a nation before World War III breaks out. A beautiful Persian woman finds herself the target of enemies who will stop at nothing to end her life.  Luke Potomos is the keeper of a destiny that not even his family knows, and Levi Cohen must decide whether to accept a divine calling.  With bodies piling up around the world, who will expose the true evil? 

 This story of murder, intrigue and grit takes the reader on a trek from the United States, to the Caribbean, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Fasten your seatbelts for an adventure that takes you into the true-life mysteries that surround the Tomb of Esther. Many have died protecting this secret which is:

 The Muslim Love Letter


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