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William Lyons is descended from the original American colonists of Massachusetts and New Amsterdam. As such, his family has a rich tradition of storytelling. William fondly recalls sitting at his grandmother’s feet listening to Bible stories about people like Joseph, Daniel, Jacob, and Moses. During the late 60's he joined the United States Navy; from which, he retired in 1985. Here too, he was immersed in a rich storytelling tradition – “sea stories.” He says, “I never tired of listening to the ‘old salts’ and their wonderful stories.”

Having retired from the Navy, William became employed in the public sector and raising his family with his beautiful wife. He also began teaching Sunday School children at his local church. It was here that William discovered his own storytelling skills. Of this experience he says, “I would tell the stories of the Scriptures, and it was wonderful to see the faces of the children as they listened with rapt attention.”

After some time, William’s family began encouraging him to write out his stories. He began with several short stories; which he shared with family and friends. These were very well received. It wasn’t long until William’s daughter and his brother urged him to write a book. Then, as William puts it, “The rest is history.”



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