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Dragon Three Two Niner

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Georgine the Dragon tolerated Humans, generally ignored Elves stayed out of the way of trolls (wise policy for anybody -- even other trolls).  Goergine's favorite person was Irulana, a lesser princess and a great pilot who led her dragon to interesting places and wonderful flights.  It might have been an ideal dragon's life except for some of the characters that Irulana got them mixed up with.

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Dragon Three Two Niner

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  US$17.50 (Trade Paperback)

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Peter L. Manly writes science fiction, a bit of fantasy and nonfiction in aviation and astronomy. With a degree in physics, he first conceived of Georgine the Dragon at a science fiction convention panel discussing the real world possibilities of mythological beasts. Several aeronautical engineers and aerospace propulsion technicians designed a creature with back-of-the-envelope calculations. For a dragon to carry a Human it would require the wingspan of at least 20 meters, make most of its flights in a soaring mode (riding thermals and updrafts) and require a high metabolism. The Dragon's World would have half of Earth's gravitational force and twice the sea level air pressure. Manly's fiction has appeared in Analog Magazine and several anthologies. He has flown over 140 different types of aircraft from ultralights to jumbo jets including supersonic types and has a "9 G" pin in the F-16D Falcon. Manly enjoys feedback to or

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Peter L. Manly

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