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Astrogators Handbook

An astronomy book with a difference.  We don't show you where the stars are in the night sky of Earth.  We show you where they are with respect to one another.   View local space from the vantage point of Polaris, the North Star, and plot your starships' courses with confidence.

The Astrogator's Handbook, Expanded Edition

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Writers of science fiction have an interest in astronomy that is different from that of just about everyone else on Earth. We don’t care where the stars appear in the night sky of Earth. We want to know where they are with respect to one another. Our motto is: “Forget the pretty lights in the sky! Tell me how to get from Procyon to Aldebaran by the shortest possible route!”

The Sci Fi - Arizona Astrogator’s Handbook, Expanded Edition does just that. We show you local space as viewed from the vicinity of Polaris, the North Star, using a 3-D layered mapping system that makes it easy to visualize the positions of the stars in the sky and their relationships to one another. Included in the handbook are:

bullet60 pages of instructions and information concerning astronomy.
bullet7 overview star maps showing the 3500 stars in a 150 light-year cube centered on Sol.
bullet63 quadrant star maps showing the same stars with detailed information such as name, position, and spectral type.
bullet120 pages of tables of supporting data giving additional information on each star.
bulletIndexes and diagrams that make navigating between the maps and tables effortless and intuitive.
bulletDesigned such that the maps can be removed and combined to show a full 150 x 150 x 25 light-year slice of space at a glance.
bulletThe electronic edition is downloaded in three files for maximum efficiency.
bulletThe hardcopy edition comes in a plastic binder that allows the maps to be removed and replaced multiple times for ease of use.
bulletCheck out the Notebook Version, as well as view samples of the data in The Astrogator's Handbook, Expanded Edition by clicking on the navigation buttons below.  You may also read our license.

Notebook Overview Maps Quadrant Maps Data Tables

A Vital Resource For Science Fiction Writers and Anyone With An Interest In Astronomy!

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Author's Biography

Jordan Hartnett

Jordan Hartnett was born October 2, 1974 to Jerome and Mary Hartnett in Mesa, Arizona.  He has lived in Arizona all of his life.  He moved from Show Low to the Phoenix Metropolitan Area to attend college in 1993 and is currently enrolled in the Arizona State University Electronics Engineering Technology program.  He is an aspiring science fiction writer who is currently working on his first story.

Mr. Hartnett annotated the data for 3500 stars on the 63 quadrant maps in The Astrogator’ Handbook: Expanded Edition.  This is his first published work.  He currently lives in Tempe, Arizona, one mile east of Arizona State University and four miles north of Michael McCollum.

Michael McCollum

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