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     Cecil L. Milliner was born in Hot Springs, Arkansas, a somewhat sophisticated city of thirty thousand.    He came into the world on a hot and humid summer night on August 26, 1917, kicking and screaming, letting everyone know he had arrived.  The first few years were spent in public and private schools learning the ABCs and how to do his sums.   Finally he graduated from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles with bachelor degrees in history and biology.

Cecilís military service began December 31, 1941, at Camp Joseph T. Robinson, Little Rock, Arkansas.  Basic training was at Fort Frances E. Warren, Wyoming, followed by a number of other training sites before he was transferred to the reserves to work in the mines in the Idaho Coeur DíAlene mining district.  He eventually went overseas with the United States Seventh Army in Southern France and Germany, where he took part in the search for Germanyís nuclear bomb research centers.

He has traveled widely in the United States by various means;  Hitch-hiking, bus, Pullman as well as freight cars, plane and driving.     His travels outside the United States were with the United States Army in WW II (France and Germany), cruise ship to Alaska, Mexico, Panama Canal, Caribbean, Canada  and Hawaii.  During his early years he worked as a hard-rock miner, quarryman, carpenter, farmer, dairyman, lathe operator and baker.   He tried fisticuffs and wrestling, but his trainers said he did not have the killer instinct, so they dropped him.

Cecil worked for the California Department of Agriculture for twenty two years including two years with the EPA.   He is now retired and spends most of his time with his hobbies of Amateur Radio, Computers, writing, speaking and with his church.  

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