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Rob Minteer was born in Sewickley, PA in 1957, and moved with his family to Catonsville, MD in 1967. Freedom beckoned in Daytona Beach, FL in 1973, and he was on his own for a summer. In the meantime his family had moved to Whitehall, MT, where he joined them at the end of the summer. Thus a pattern began that was to continue for the next fifteen years: Wanderlust. He married the first time at age nineteen and tried to settle down, but it just wasn't in him.  He has three children from that marriage, of whom he is very proud. 

Jobs in a variety of trades and in many parts of the country have brought the author into contact with hundreds of honest, hardworking people through the years. Stories heard from many of those coworkers made deep and lasting impressions, as did stories read about injustices throughout the world at many different times and places. Recently the idea of the Freedom Bell Curve and the Pyramid Scheme of Power helped to make sense of much that is going on in the world. The author welcomes comments from readers, either confirming or denying the validity of these ideas. Now, through the Internet, the author hopes to meet even more people than he has met in all his travels, and incorporate many of their experiences and observations into future books.

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