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The Triple Crown Contenders

The Triple Crown Contenders is about Major League Baseball's greatest hitters. It is a fair and comprehensive comparison of players from all eras.  Unlike other "Baseball's Greatest" books, it relies strictly on the numbers, nor does it try to rank pitchers in with hitters. Fifth place in batting average is the same in 2000 as it was in 1888--it means that only four players in the league had a higher batting average. The placement in the Triple Crown categories is the sole criteria used to rank the players. It's a new way of evaluating the careers of Baseball's greatest sluggers and hitters-for-average.  TCC points should become a part of baseball vocabulary within a few years and may eventually become an Official Major League Baseball Statistic. Various lists towards the end of the book confirm what fans already know about who the best pure sluggers and greatest hitters-for-average have been throughout history.  Other lists show at a glance who had the most dominating Triple Crown years and who were the closest Triple Crown Contenders.

The Triple Crown Contenders, Fifth Edition

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With the purchase of either baseball book you will receive a copy of the
author's scoresheet from Randy Johnson's historic 20-strikeout game.


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