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Vusi Moloi

A Goodbye To My Little Troubles


Vusi Moloi encapsulates humanity with its universal emotions and feelings in a pulsating rhythm of a symphony. Flavored uniquely with African condiments of benevolence, compassion, and forbearing (Ubuntu) in his A Goodbye To My Little Troubles, the author gives us the lay of the land in terms of the purpose of the writings.

In this poetry, we experience a cavalcade of grief and joy, darkness and light, despair and hope. See the depths of grief in “It Was a Victims’ Fault”. Here is a heart-wrenching example of man’s inhumanity to man. Despite that, life has to go on, and one has to persevere. Hence, three poems later we watch and enjoy “Beautiful Canada Dancing in the Rain”.


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Vusi Moloi

October 1, 2003 - October 1, 2005