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Honest John


Honest John

The end of Camelot actually had its beginning at the climax of the world’s greatest challenge to its existence — the Cuban Missile Crisis.

The cover-up of the conspiracy to destroy the planet perpetuated a scheme by the framers to rid the guilty parties involved in the plan, as well as inspire the assassination of a President and overthrow the regime in power.

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Honest John




Suddenly, Rosen’s head jerked upward.  He spotted Oswald at the front entrance motioning for him to follow.  He pushed the chair back and sauntered over.  Oswald stared at him with that ever-present smirk.  Rosen felt the blood rush from his face as they climbed the cold stone steps to the street above.  Oswald ushered him into the back seat of a sleek white Cadillac; then paced over to the driver’s side.  He got in and twisted the key to start the engine. 

Soon, speeding down Jacksboro Highway, the short stocky man with the gray fedora sitting in the back seat shot a menacing glare at the figure across the way, cowering near the passenger door.  Cold brown eyes pierced through him as the ex army traitor knew the fate that would befall him.


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