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Arcan's Revenge

Artwork by Joshua W. Nettrour, © 1999

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There are some things that can eat away at a soul until all that remains is darkness.  There are some emotions so black that Evil itself is awakened.  To fight against such forces might seem insurmountable, but that is what Arista must do. 

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Excerpt from Arcan's Revenge

          In the darkest depths of his depravity, Arcan schemed his revenge. The thoughts of vengeance filled his mind with blackened brooding. It filled his heart with a fire that was nothing other than desperate and consuming. The more the thought of revenge filled him, the less everything else became. It took the position of greatest importance in his life, becoming more important than life itself—or any kind of happiness that might have been his without it. He breathed thoughts of revenge with every breath he took—inhaling its vileness into his heart—blackening it with its purposes. Even when he ate or drank thoughts of vengeance so filled his mind that food eventually lost its flavor for him. He found no pleasure in anything other than his scheming. It used up a great amount of his mental energy. It kept him devising ever crueler and more twisted forms of punishment. It kept him from finding a greater purpose for his life and the lives of his people.

           Arcan was taking the greatest of care to the details of his revenge. He alone knew his intents. He would trust no one else with that knowledge. He savored the corrupt thoughts and actions that he was conjuring against his enemies—cherishing them in the darkness of his heart. The retaliation kept growing in his mind, becoming more malicious and warped. Arcan began to see things only as he desired to see them. What he did see was colored by the blackness that he’d allowed to fester in his heart, by the rancidness that flowed through his veins. I will have my day! Arcan told himself. No one can stop me!


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Arcan's Revenge

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