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Chantra's Awakening

Artwork by Autumn I. Nettrour, © 2003

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Chantra has left her childhood behind, but in so doing has lost touch with that which could save her in the coming days.

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Excerpt from Chantra's Awakening

          In the murkiest corner of the Unknown Territory, beyond the fathomless void of time and existence, the Dark One felt it.  Alerted to the sensation It had been waiting, watching, delving and devising for, It instantaneously stopped what It was doing.  Every fiber of Its being was awakened.  Every aspect of that day was altered.  It was not just another passage of time.  It was not just another futile transition.  The moment had arrived.  The time of all times was finally upon It!

The smile It bore was of malice uncountable.  Within eyes of molten flames, a spark of darkest bitterness burned brighter than before.  Its heart beat liquid hatred, pulsated with vile infamy.  The laughter that rose from Its lips could have extinguished a world, except that was not Its purpose.  All those around turned to face the Dark One.  With wicked glee upon their grotesquely twisted faces, they comprehended what the change meant.  Their master was not alone in Its anticipation.  They all shared that feeling.

After years that seemed endless even to one who’d never counted the passage of time before, the day of Chantra’s eighteenth birthday arrived.  Why such a thing as the eighteenth birthday of one girl from Earth would have such an impact of the Dark One was not something that would be understood without first understanding the past of all the participants.  The world of Andro was the world of her father, Arcan.  The world of Andro was one of the worlds with a longstanding connection between its rulers and the Dark One Itself.  From as far back as the history of Andro was remembered, it was a world of dark deeds and corrupt, evil rulers.  Many had surrendered the little humanity they had left to gain favor with Evil Itself.  The people of Andro became more corrupt themselves as such things were rewarded and things like goodness and decency were punished.  The world bore the scars of what had been done on it and was sinking into decay…

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