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Nelani Nettrour is a writer of fantasy novels, children's books, and poetry, who lives in Northern Wisconsin.

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Cow's Milk

Tales of Lamac, Book 1 -- Anara Arrives

Tales of Lamac, Book 2 -- Birth of Takaira

The inspiration for “Cow’s Milk” came around the kitchen table, years ago, when our children were younger.  It went something like this:
I was introducing a new dish to our regular dinner fare.  The kids looked at me appalled.  “Who wants to try that!”  Josh said in disgust.
“Well,” I said, stalling for time while I tried to think up an answer to that comment.  “Someone had to be the first to try the unusual, otherwise our diet would be pretty bland.”  They looked at me, not quite sure what to think, but said nothing.  I looked at the table for something familiar to use as an example.  “Take milk for instance.  What do you suppose the first kids to drink cow’s milk thought when they found out where it came from?”
In response to many questions and inquiries that I’ve received from reader’s wanting to know more of Lamac and its people before the Soaring Free Trilogy, I set about to answer some of their questions in a short story.  I assumed I would write it for the adult population, as I’d written the Soaring Free Trilogy, but when I began to put down the words, it became evident to me that this would be a children’s tale.  It was also clear to me that it was only the beginning of many tales to come.
If you’ve read the Soaring Free Trilogy, you will find some answers here, and maybe a few more questions.  But for many of you, this will be your first taste of Lamac.  These are tales you can share with your children.  So, sit back, relax and enjoy...
It is only the beginning!
Discover Flittaf, the birthplace of Takaira and many wondrous and unique creatures.  Journey back to a time before Takaira left her home world.  Learn what caused Takaira to leave everything she knew and seek out the unknown…

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Tales of Lamac, Book 3 -- Calastapeas' Gathering

Dog Tails, Book 1 -- Welcoming Garcon

Dog Tails, Book 2 -- All About Krammer

As with all privileges, there also comes responsibility, for both the child and the companion. Those who long for the connection they will never have, sometimes fail to realize the price that also comes with that connection. It is always easier to envy another when you don’t know the whole story, when you don’t know the sacrifices and you don’t pay the cost.
Celebrate as the dogs and their people welcome Garcon. Join with him on his journey of discovery.
Have you pet your dog today?
Spend some time with Krammer and his people View the world through his eyes and you may just understand your dog better
Have you walked your dog today? 

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The Dragon Lands, Book 1 -- The Ripple

The Dragon Lands, Book 2 --Banshees

The Dragon Lands, Book 3 --The Village

A mysterious ripple… favorite  colors… daydreaming… discover what all of these things have in common and how they affect two children from Earth.
What happens to William and Dusty on the strange world of Dragon Lands when they enter a mysterious forest?  And to whom do those glowing eyes belong?  Enter at your own risk!
Finally leaving Banshee Bend behind, the weary travelers head for Usa’s village.  What awaits them there?  Will they find answers, or only more questions?

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The Dragon Lands, Book 4 --Sun Griffins

Jodi's Bugs

Jodi and the Seasons

What started out as a wonderful adventure to see some sun griffins turns into something so dreadful that it may challenge even the resourceful Usa’s abilities. Will the friends they find along the way be able to offer any help? William and Dusty are uncertain.
Jodi’s understanding of nature and her love for bugs (especially the dotted kind) inspires her friends to take a closer look at what can be found within a simple walk.
You have met Jodi and her friends in Jodi’s Bugs.  Now come along with Jodi, her family and her friends as they explore the diversity of the seasons.  Experience the unique joys of winter, spring, summer and fall with them. 

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Jodi's Garden

Nunkey's Adventures - Book 1

Nunkey's Adventures - Book 2

As spring bursts forth, new friends arrive in Jodi’s town.  Not all are old enough to dig right in to gardening, but they lend their joy to the endeavors.  Come share in the adventures of creating a fabulous garden.


Nunkey lives on a wonderful world filled with creatures known and unknown to us.  As he goes on his adventures we will learn more about Nunkey, his world and those who inhabit that world.  Dragets are one of the smaller creatures of his world.  One of the advantages of being so small is Nunkey can catch rides on the larger creatures.  He notices things others may overlook, and his imagination sees potential where others fail to see it.  Since his joy is so boundless and infectious, he is always a pleasure to have around.
Nunkey, the draget, is pleased to announce the birth of his sister Reekey —smaller even than the small Nunkey.  Share this newest adventure with them.


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Angels in Training

The Imagynairs of Jemmidar

The Imagynairs of Jemmidar, Book A

The fight between good and evil is eternal and usually unseen by mere mortals.  Join the angels in training and you just may learn something. 
Jemmidar is a world filled with unique creatures of amazing variety and unusual talents.
Come meet some of them.
The Andree, Alleeo, and Alpeeka are different in many ways, but they share the ability to bring joy to the lives of those around them.



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Dragon Guardians, Book 1

Meeshu's Keep

Dragonfly Flight

Seek God, Book 1: Jesus, the Way

In a world where Dragon Guardians were increasingly misunderstood … where rumors persist that terrible things happened to those who became Dragon Guardians, Meeshu never suspecting that choice would one day be made for him. 
Warning:  May be too intense for younger children!
Come share the journey of a little dragonfly as he flies across the Northwoods, taking in the sights.
The path back to God was blocked by sin and disobedience.  So God sent his Son Jesus, to become the way back to Him.  Seek God and be found by Him.

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In the Tales of Lamac series, the world of Lamac from The Soaring Free Trilogy is told from the beginning, though the lives of the children of Lamac, their families and their creature companions.  Some of those who would later appear in The Soaring Free Trilogy, as capable adults are first introduced as young children confronting their lives and the challenges of growing up and making the right choices.  These stories grew out the desire to fill in some of the missing background of Lamac and her people.

Cow’s Milk is a light-hearted book with an answer for all those who wondered what ever possessed us to start drinking cow’s milk in the first place.  You may have questioned this yourself, but Nelani has come up with an answer that just might surprise and entertain you at once.

These are just the beginning of Nelani’s writings.  Come back often and check out the new additions as they are added.

You may contact her at

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Cow's Milk Anara Arrives Birth of Takaira Calastapeas Gathering Welcoming Garcon All About Krammer Nunkey's Adventure Nunkey's Adventure 2 Imagynairs Imagynairs Book A Jodi's Bugs Jodi and the Seasons Jodi's Garden The Ripple Banshees The Village Sun Griffins Dragonfly Flight Meeshu's Keep Angels in Training Seek God, Book 1


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