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Cow's Milk

Artwork by Heather D. Nettrour, © 2000

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Author's Note         

The inspiration for “Cow’s Milk” came around the kitchen table, years ago, when our children were younger.  It went something like this:

            I was introducing a new dish to our regular dinner fare.  The kids looked at me appalled.  “Who wants to try that!”  Josh said in disgust.

            “Well,” I said, stalling for time while I tried to think up an answer to that comment.  “Someone had to be the first to try the unusual, otherwise our diet would be pretty bland.”  They looked at me, not quite sure what to think, but said nothing.  I looked at the table for something familiar to use as an example.  “Take milk for instance.  What do you suppose the first kids to drink cow’s milk thought when they found out where it came from?”

            My kids looked at each other, wrinkled their noses as they looked at their glasses of milk in a new light.  “That would be strange.”  Jasmine finally said, still looking at her milk like she wasn’t sure she’d ever drink it again.

            “Exactly!”  I replied.  I looked around the table at the expressions on my children’s faces as they stared at their glasses of milk.  I ran to get my notebook and pen.  I had an idea and “Cow’s Milk” was born.

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Cow's Milk

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