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Jodi's Bugs


Artwork by Heather Nettrour, © 2003

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Jodi's Bugs

Jodiís understanding of nature and her love for bugs (especially the dotted kind) inspires her friends to take a closer look at what can be found within a simple walk.

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Jodi's Bugs

Trade PaperbackPDF Formatted Audio Book CD

Jodi's Bugs

US$10.00 (Electronic Edition)

  US$13.95 (Trade Paperback)i90oo00

  US$10.00 (Audio Book on CD)

Jodi's Bugs

(Children's Book, 70 page trade paperback, 32 color illustrations, 3 megabyte electronic download) 

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Nelani A. Nettrour

November 15, 2003 - November 15, 2005