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Living Naturally in the Northwoods - Volumes One and Two


The Gist of It

The author lives in the Northwoods of Wisconsin among the tall trees and sparkling blue lakes along the Eagle River. She has lived a life filled with the bounty of nature. Living Naturally in the Northwoods - The Gist of It is the culmination of a lifelong journey towards a more natural, healthier lifestyle. The book is packed with useful information gleaned from a decades-long quest to wrest the secrets of healthy living from God's green land and all the creatures that inhabit it.

She and her family are researchers and adventurers who didn't mind taking risks and doing some experimenting along the way. Living Naturally in the Northwoods is chock full of choice morsels, extracted from the cluttered fields of information that overwhelm newcomers to these matters.  Each gem has been hard won through trial,  hardship, pain and loss.  We present these lessons for your consideration, to do with as you will.

God placed us on this, our journey, just as He placed you on whatever road you follow in life. We are Christians, for which we are truly thankful. We offer this information so you do not have to struggle for it as we have.  No matter your current stage of life, this two-volume set will make you stronger and healthier. 

So long as life remains, there is always hope.  Never surrender to mediocrity, apathy, or despair.  Come on our journey and find out how truly blessed a natural life can be!


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