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When I first set out to write this second book of poetry and musings and a short story, I was hoping for a version of praise and joyful expectation.  I had included many of my poetry written in hardships and heartache in Steps.  I was hoping that I could be done with such struggles, for a time at least.  But some things have happened to me personally, and to our country, that has caused a change in many of the words of expression.

So, the book has changed from what I first intended it to be.  Yet, God is still there.  No matter what befalls any of us, He is still there ready to calm our hearts and offer help.  Though mankind has free will that can and does cause all kinds of grief and heartache, God never abandons us, even when it feels like He has.  Through the darkest times, He is still there.  Though we hurl accusations against Him, He is not repelled.  He is not shocked.  Through anguish and uncertainty when we’ve lost all our confidence in everything, He still remains.  He offers His hand to help.  We need only take it.

In this book I’m also including some of the poetry, musings and artwork of other members of my family, who have heartfelt expressions of life, but not the volume to warrant their own books.  Their works speak for themselves and are the voice of those individuals.  Each one who contributed has a short biography with their picture in the biographies section of the book.  Some sections are longer than others—but long or short, many pages or a few—it is their expressions.

    -- Nelani Nettrour, June, 2004

Poetry, Musings, and the novelette The Forgotten Void.  With contributions by:  Josh Nettrour, Heather Nettrour, Autumn Nettrour, Moana Hutts, Diane Bertrand, Victor Anderson, and Karen Frisque.  Color illustrations by Barry E. Nettrour, Joshua W. Nettrour, Heather D. Nettrour, Autumn I. Nettrour and Victor Anderson.

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Nelani A. Nettrour

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