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Hugh Harrington

"Hugh Harrington"

 A Novel of the Taming of the West

In the early nineteenth century, Hugh  Harrington set out to see America.  He took the Cumberland Trail from Maryland to Missouri, and then headed west along the Santa Fe trail to Utah.  During his long life, he was adopted by an Indian tribe, fought in the Mexican War and again in the Civil War.  Upon his return from battle, he settled down to raise a family, and instead founded a dynasty.

"Hugh Harrington" is a novel of one man's quest across a wide, untamed land; a journey that transforms him from traveler to hero.  "Hugh Harrington" is a tale of epic scope.  It covers a century-and-a-half, from the first stirrings of western expansion to modern times.  It is an epic story of what a single man can do when he remains true to his beliefs.


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