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A young family vanishes in shallow water in front of Guy Bergmann; he's determined to understand how that could happen.  He saves a baby from the arms of the mother as she is drawn down in a sinking boat at a launch ramp.  How could three people "disappear" in front of him?  Bergmann, sailing in his baidarka after the disappearance, sees man-sized shadows over his boat from a cloudless sky, but is too preoccupied to focus on the second anomaly.
Bergman and the ranger are interviewed by two reporters.  Bergmann tests the recovered boat; it doesn't sink this time.  After a dinner discussion with the ranger and the reporters, Bergmann invites one of them, Juanita Jerez, to go sailing the next day.  They see shadows from a cloudless sky as they begin a romantic relationship.  After rejecting all the reasonable explanations of how 24 people could disappear near water; no blood, no bodies, no struggle, he decides extraterrestrials are collecting humans for some purpose.  With the ranger, an FBI agent, and Juanita, he visits the launch ramp to find flying ETs, Batwings, waiting for them.


Bergmann's Team continues Guy and Nita's effort to acquire a Human Team to assist Banderat and Striver engineers in diverting the comets threatening Earth.  The core of their team; Guy, Nita and the Twins, demonstrate they can go EVA and perform well in space outside the Striver starship Dawn Star, surprising both Strivers and Banderat.  They recruit NASA trained astronauts to join them; the Team moves up to "Terra House" aboard the starship for the interim, training before the comets reach Mars.
Guy and the Twins rescue four young Banderat juveniles and put down a Banderat mutiny, freeing a captured Striver trooper, demonstrating Humans possess altruism and will fight when compelled.  They augment their team and begin preparing Earth's governments for the oncoming comet storm.  They make plans for post-comet business and plan for space tourism as one way to pay for routine access to orbital life and business.


The story  of a trio of comets hurled out of the Oort Cloud towards Earth, threatening civilization, continues.  Bergmann's small group assists Banderat and Striver vacuum grunts to divert the comets and minimize catastrophic terrestrial impact.  Guy and Nita Bergmann join with a small group of ex-NASA astronauts to emplace crude drives on the surface of Comet 1.  The drives create a small lateral thrust redirecting the comet to just miss Earth.  Two of the three comets are redirected to impact Mars: the first stage of a massive terraforming effort to prepare that second Human planet for a colony.  Bergmann Ventures, Inc., Guy's space venture, prepares for a post-comet growth phase that will place Humans in space permanently so they may interact with the Concordiate's Hub Planets and cultures.





Earth was spared the brunt of a comet-induced planet-wide winter by the Striver-led, Banderat-implemented, rediretion of three comets.  Bergmann's Team played an important part in that cometary redirection.  Now the Team has been invited to move a small herd of horses to the planet Baldon: Banderat would like to ride!  This venture is the first feat Guy hopes to execute in his long-term plans to forge an extraterrestrial Human presence.
The interstellar trip aboard Climber; a first for Humans, is a prelude to their successful arrival at the city of Bandalu, where they help finish an equestrian resort.  Nita's "surprise" is a shock to all the team: the first Human child to be born off Earth.  A family of Sayen reveals their presence to Guy, Nita, Greg and Raquel, on the mountain slope above Highlands Resort.  The presence of a hidden seventh sapient race sends shockwaves through the Concordat.


Bergmann's Team returns from Stavara in the Hub, bringing back a Banderat shuttle, Accelerator.  They will use the shuttle to construct an orbital habitat at L5, one of the Earth-Moon libration points, using current engineering practice.
Bergmann's orbital habitat, BV1, is spun on its axis at slow speed, to create artificial gravity so residents and visitors are not debilitated by living in zero-G.  The L5 location allows easy access to both the Lunar surface and Mars mission launches.  Bergmann Venturs, Inc., BVI, will recoup some of the cost by selling seats to visit the orbitat and dine in its new restaurant, offering stunning views of Earth far "below."  Trips to a new permanent moonbase at Cabeus Crater will help generate revenue.


The Humans of BVI are ready to return to the Moon; Guy vows they will stay this time!  They build a moonship to take people to the lunar surface as a 'day-trip', one of several benefits of having an orbitat at the Lagrangian Point, L5.  Their third ship, Moon Maid, is a good step towards the design and fabrication of a Marship. They expand the BV1 orbitat along its axis, adding BV2 to accommodate more people and businesses in preparation for the move to Mars, where the team will build the first interplanetary human colony: Candor Cliffs.


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Bergmann Ventures, Incorporated, has established a small colony just west of Candor Chasma on the edge of the Martian Equatorial Highlands.  The colonists are supported by two mars spinships: Barsoomian and Ares.  Their shuttle is the Banderat-built Accelerator; their second mars shuttle is under construction back on Earth.  The Candor Cliffs settlement is thriving; Humans, Strivers, Banderat, Sayen and Een are represented; the second mars ship, Ares, has just brought out the first group of tourists, along with the senior Bergmanns and Jerezs and Raquel’s parents, the former President of the United States and his wife, L.A and Loretta Lasker.  Kim is fascinated with a Martian nautilus she has named ‘Nicki’ who lives in the Candor Sea below Plains End.

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Nicki, the leader of the group of native Martian nautili in Little Valley Creek, asks Guy to help protect her group from another clan of invading nautili she senses moving north along the shore of the Candor Sea.  Guy has no desire to intervene in a nautili dispute.  He knows the Concordat people will watch closely to see how he handles the request.
 It is the first Martian winter for the BVI colonists as snow falls at Candor Cliffs.  The core team prepares to journey to Dengon’s Star aboard the Banderat starship Climber to take part in the Corcordat “Ingather” or “Circle Festival.”  These Humans will be the first to participate in this interspecies Hub festival.  Guy expects Kim to be the smallest and most effective Human ambassador there.

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