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Return of the Rising Sun

The year is 1964.  The Second Battle of Guadalcanal rages in the South Pacific as the United States makes a bold attempt to free ten thousand Allied prisoners who have been languishing in Japanese prisoner-of-war camps since the disastrous defeat of 1950.  Surely a modern navy, equipped with giant aircraft carriers and flying the latest jets, will prove more than a match for the undefeated Japanese Imperial Fleet.

It is a time of change.  Germany has finally been defeated after decades of war.  The Russians are expanding into Eastern Europe while the Japanese Secret Police  wage a relentless unconventional war against America from the Pacific to Central America.  Drug dealers are among their most lethal weapons ...

Return of the Rising Sun is the second book in Arthur Rhodes’ Alternative History of the Second World War.  Come read how things might have gone differently.

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The Return of the Rising Sun

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