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Paul Spice

Dr. Paul Spice is a “baby-boomer”, born in Kent, England, just after World War II. He moved to Buckinghamshire, England in 1958, where he attended school. His academic passions have always been history and cooking, but he was successfully persuaded to take up a career in Oil & Gas Engineering by his father, who advised him correctly that there were thousands of penniless authors and underpaid chefs in the world.

His engineering work took him to Iran in 1976, but he was evicted during the Khomeini  Revolution. He then moved to Saudi Arabia, staying in the Gulf region, on and off, for over 25 years. In between, he has lived in the Orkney Islands, Borneo, Germany, Singapore, Egypt, Jordan, and most of the Arabian Gulf States.

He has a small home in Llansadwrn, Wales, UK., and a main home in West Java, Indonesia. Currently he lives and works (yes; in oil & gas engineering) in an Arabian Gulf state with his wife Nur and son Albert.

His previous books include “Jubilee”, an account of Queen Victoria’s 50th year on the throne, and “The Hitler Pact”, a revealing story starting with Hitler’s visit to England in 1911. He is presently working on a different cookery book with Nur. Paul is a Sufi, and his other passions include food, wine, blades, and fast cars.

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