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Dr. Abram Teplitskiy was born in Kursk, Russian Federation in 1946. He is a graduate of the prestigious Kharkov State University in the Ukraine where he double-majored in Applied Physics and Environmental and Materials Testing. After graduation, Abram worked in various scientific organizations. During his tenure, he conducted his own original research, and as a result, made over 100 inventions and solved problems in a diverse range of fields: from measuring the density of soils on the Moon and on the bottom of the ocean using nuclear methods, formulating technology to lay pipeline without the presence of people in the trench, to modeling nuclear processes using soap bubbles, and even … designing combs for eyelashes. The findings of his research were published in more than 80 articles in international and national journals and reported at international and national conferences throughout the USA and Europe. Following this extensive research and inventing experience, Abram Teplitskiy earned a Ph.D. in Applied Physics.

Another lifelong passion of Dr. Abram Teplitskiy is educating students in the art of inventing. To achieve this goal, he wrote and published six books, founded a special class for high school students and designed a Ukrainian national TV show for future inventors. He is proud that one of the youngsters involved was among the youngest inventors of Europe - a 12-year old boy who invented a demonstration model of a molecule.

After relocating to the United States with his family, Dr. Teplitskiy gained additional experience working with high school students. He taught Creativity Classes in a local recreation center, participated as a coach in the International Educational Internet Contest with a website “Become an Inventor,” consulted for corporate and individual inventors, and wrote articles about inventing for local newspapers. Finally, he resumed his activities in his previous field and made more inventions himself, taught students to solve problems, and subsequently began writing books in English as well as bilingual ones. This text is his first in English, and in the near future, Dr. Teplitskiy hopes to publish additional books for students.

Dr. Teplitskiy is married to a wonderful and supportive lady named Faina. Together they have two children - a daughter, Jane, who will graduate December 2004, and a son, Mikhail, who is currently a sophomore and hopes to pursue a career in math and science.

Dr. Abram Teplitskiy will be pleased to consult with readers of his book, especially students, and welcomes questions regarding both inventing and creativity.

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