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Howard R. Tippin was born and raised in California’s central valley.  He was a restaurant manager, recently retired from a Fortune 500 restaurant group.  His interests include archeology, primarily the study of the first Americans; as well as American history, concentrating on the framers of the Declaration of Independence, the American Revolution, the emergence of the United States Navy in the War of 1812, and the United States Navy in the Pacific Theater during the Second World War.  He is also interested in the causes of the First World War as well as its lasting effects on the current geo-political situation of the world.  His hobbies include building and painting 1/72nd scale fighter aircraft from between the world wars as well as painting and collecting Warhammer figures, high elves and Empire, as well as Warhammer 40K figures, Eldar, Tau, and Space Marines from his own Blue Angels Chapter.  Howard is certain of the fact that no matter how many novels he writes he will never be the most recognized graduate from his high school, having graduated from the same school as George Lucas, albeit eighteen years later.  

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