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“Tommy” is a convict serving a life sentence for his role, along with twelve others, in a double homicide in 1975.  For the past thirty years he has lived in many prison cells throughout California. He is the sole remaining defendant still incarcerated.

Seven years into his sentence, he began to question his very existence.  It was then that he began to notice the youth of his fellow prisoners and wonder at the fate of a society where so many of its young people end up behind bars.

This book is a testament of redemption, a cry to all in the hope that they, too, will choose the path that leads to the Judgment Seat of Christ.  It is Tommy’s belief that this is the only way that we and our children, and our children’s children, can be saved.

Contained within There By The Grace of God Go I are the highlights of Tommy’s journey and the message that he was given to share with you.

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