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Recorded upon the pages of this book is a message from the children of time.  This message was given to me by a small voice that suddenly appeared within the depths of my mind. As I sat, alone within my prison cell, I listened as this voice began speaking in rhymes. I picked up pencil and paper and began copying them down, word for word, one rhyme at a time.  At first they spoke of my surroundings, my many years in prison, of all the very young men that are here with me, and how it’s all related today.  Then those children of time opened my mind’s eye and showed me the terrible fate that awaits them if we continue on as we are, and, when and how it could all end.  All of this, and “The Way” we must all begin seeking, today, to ensure those children of time have their tomorrow, is what is contained within the many rhymes in this book.

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