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R. D. Cain


As a Fitness and Life Coach, R. D. Cain knows about the human body.  His acclaimed series is one of the most personal and well rounded resources of useful information on keeping your body in tiptop shape.  Come and see what you are missing!

Do You Work in the Nude?

A humorous look at the massage and bodyworker industry as told by health and fitness insider RD Cain. If you have ever had a massage or are  thinking about becoming a body worker yourself, enjoy  this funny and incisive look at the ins and outs of a much misunderstood industry. 

Follow Cain's personal memoir of his journey through the learning fields of massage therapies and share in the eccentricities of his many clients. This book is sure to release your tension and relieve your stress as you laugh aloud at the many illustrated situations.