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Scott G Gier

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Scott G Gier


First Contact... Again and Again -- AND AGAIN 

Earth is tired. Humanity desperately seeks new worlds to settle, new resources…a new beginning.

But habitable planets are rare, and the galaxy is an unfriendly place. Humanity’s first contact with intelligence ends in a mysterious massacre. Second contact—with different aliens—decades later, provides nearly the same outcome, but with one remarkably different result…Genellan, home to the cliff dweller civilization, is discovered, beautiful but unforgiving.

Lieutenant Sharl Buccari’s intrepid crew of survivors establishes a tenuous toehold on the wild planet, the third planet from the system’s star; but more importantly, they forge alliances with the masters of the star system—the Kones, denizens of the system’s ponderous second planet.

And not soon enough—the Ulaggi have returned, a hyper-advanced race of huntresses that for centuries have ravaged the galaxy. Sharl Buccari must do more than convince the allied races to fight together, she must lead them. The fleets of all races collide again and again; the stakes build, and finally the finally battleground is set.

The black vacuum above Earth is filled with raging ships. Humanity must win if they are to survive…