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Gordon E. Abbo      


A Meeting of Two Worlds             Science Fiction



George Abooli, a recently unemployed amateur astronomer, has everything to gain when he encounters the Reptons, a friendly race of reptilian humanoids from the Tau Ceti system. He accepts an invitation to visit their home planet and is taken on an interstellar journey. George marvels at the pristine world and nearly utopian society he discovers. Concerned with humanity’s social problems, he asks his alien hosts to help him introduce their advanced technology to his home world. George’s request fits in with the Reptons’ own plans. They have been studying Earth with cloaked starships for half a century and are ready to reveal their existence to the people of Earth. They appoint George as their ambassador. However, as with any new diplomatic initiative, things do not go as planned…


A New Beginning                        Science Fiction



The nuclear war that everyone has always feared finally comes to pass after friendly reptilian humanoids, the Reptons, reveal themselves to the people of Planet Earth. Unable to halt the cataclysm, they manage to save a paltry one thousand humans and transport them to the aliens’ home planet in the Tau Ceti system. There the Reptons help the refugees establish a colony to act as a latter-day Noah’s Ark until such time as the Earth can once again be made habitable. Charles Pankin, the leader of the colony, works with Interplanetary Ambassador George Abooli and the Repton rulers to prepare for the day when humanity can return home. With the example of the Reptons’ nearly-utopian society to follow, Pankin believes he can evade the mistakes that almost led to the extinction of the human race. However, the age-old dream of a utopian society once again collides with the imperfections of human nature. The colonists find they must overcome daunting challenges and personal tragedies to achieve their goal of a repopulated and peaceful Earth. Then something else goes wrong.


A Galactic Odyssey                        Science Fiction


Humanity’s return to Earth following the devastating nuclear war has met with catastrophe and forced the survivors to retreat to the thriving human colony on Tau Ceti 2. With the re-colonization of Earth a bust, the Reptons include their human friends in their own colonization plans. With the new generation of Repton starships, the two species can reach every habitable world within a thousand light-years of Tau Ceti. Paul Collins and Heather Dixon are members of the mixed Repton/human crew aboard Te Laposo, the first of these new super ships. Their mission is to seek out planets suitable for habitation and to return to Tau Ceti to report. However, the new hyperdrive still has bugs in it. When the drive malfunctions and hurls them far across the Milky Way, they find themselves more than 50,000 light-years from Tau Ceti with no way to get home. Nor is fixing the hyper-drive their only problem. The local stellar neighbor-hood is full of danger and crowded with other spacefaring species, some of whom are not happy to see them…


The Warrior Woman                        Science Fiction


After nuclear war makes the Earth uninhabitable, humanity’s survivors are sheltered by the Reptons, an alien race from the Tau Ceti system. With a thriving human colony planted on Tau Ceti 2, the two races begin a program of expansion to the surrounding star systems. During their explorations, they come across a world where the entire native civilization has been wiped out by unknown invaders. Another Repton/human starship follows a mysterious signal in space to a system where they discover the Bardrosians. Like humanity, the Bardrosians are refugees, having fled their planet when it came under attack by the warlike Thessals, who are out to conquer other worlds. Weapons officer Heather Dixon learns the ancient martial arts tradition of the Bardrosians to become an elite warrior against the Thessals. The odds are against her and the Repton/human/Bardrosian alliance, because the Thessals possess a massive army of deadly ‘droids and a planet-busting super weapon. Survival of the human race is once again in doubt.


2020                       Science Fiction


In the year 2020, Americans are facing hard times—economic collapse and heightened international tension, made worse by an inept incumbent president. Psychiatrist Roger Darius struggles with a profit-driven healthcare system which conflicts with his patient-comes-first approach. Meanwhile, multiple UFO sightings locally have him wondering if ET might be visiting soon. Frustrated with the deteriorating state of society and the adverse effect it’s having on his patients, Darius becomes a political activist who pushes for change. His rebellious attitude, however, costs him his psychiatric career, but he becomes more determined than ever to carry out his mission. He teams up with Donna Lundford, a former administrator who supports his cause. This being an election year, Darius and Lundford work hard in the campaign to get a new president elected, one who will provide hope for the future. But they have to deal with sinister forces—one of them of extra-terrestrial origin—that create instability and the prospect of doom.




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