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Sweet Cherries For Southern Orchards  is a case study of growing sweet cherries in areas with somewhat low winter chilling and hot summers.  These areas were not considered good for growing sweet cherries, in the past. Now, with some newly developed varieties there is great hope. These new varieties along with other environmental considerations, that are covered, make growing sweet cherries a real possibility.

The home grower will find the case for sweet cherries in southern orchards covered in detail. There are examples of fruit enthusiasts in southern areas that are presently growing and fruiting sweet cherries. Descriptions of varieties for lower-chill winter areas with hot summers are covered including a list of nurseries where you can buy the trees.

Cultural requirements for growing sweet cherries are detailed. Interesting stories of cherry treks are included. There are many color pictures that highlight sweet cherries and their culture. Dedicated to home growers and fruit enthusiasts of the south and southwest.


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